Fishing is one of the most accessible outdoor sports. Nearly anyone, no matter age, income level or even fitness ability, can easily participate. Angling or Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by the whole family. Anglers of all ages can participate in the sport together. You don’t have to spend a fortune but buying tackle is certainly a new hobby every angler will acquire. People feel free when they are relaxed. Great friendships that last many years have started by fishing together. So what are you waiting for, the family that fishes together stays together! This is the perfect time to introduce a friend or relative to the sport of fishing. India, having a vast topography of lakes, rivers, dams and coastal areas offers one different styles of fishing like fly fishing, dead bait fishing, live bait fishing, lure fishing and trolling.

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Click on the companies below for various products and services in Fishing & Angling.

  1. Casa Ibrahim, India
  2. Litmus International, India
  3. Blue Waters Sport Fishing
  4. Fairdeal Idol, Kolkata
  5. Farinex India, Kolkata
  6. Fishing Tackle India, Cochin
  8. India-Angling
  9. John’s Boat Tours, Goa
  10. M. M. Bhindarwala
  12. Munot Nets
  13. RG Saga, Kolkata
  14. Saga Instruments
  15. Semo Fishing

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