Introducing Regal 44 Sport Coupe, REGAL – Follow No One!

After 40 years of boat building, we’re still thrilled to introduce new and exciting products every year. This year, we’re proud to present the all-new Regal 44 Sport Coupe. As a company full of boaters – from customer service, to the sales force, to the corner offices – boating runs through our blood. We invite you to closely inspect the 44 Sport Coupe and discover all the details that were built in this boat with your comfort and convenience in mind. For example, we’ve placed a fresh water hose in the transom locker and another in the anchor locker so there’s no need to drag a hose through the cockpit while cleaning. The hard top was designed with an expansive, electric sunroof to put you in control of your boating environment, and we included enough storage to fit all the gear you’ll need.

The 44 Sport Coupe features single level cockpit sole for enhanced sociability for up to 14 guests. As opposed to the multi-level cockpits, guests remain within eye and ear shot of each other regardless of where they sit.

All sport yachts entertain, the Regal 44 Sport Coupe just does it better.The 44 Sport Coupe is CustomFit, allowing owners to personalize their express. Multiple selections of countertops, fabric, cabinetry, and flooring make each 44 Sport Coupe as individual as the owners themselves. Enrich a day on the water with the optional glass cockpit enclosure. The solid partition encloses the forward cockpit seating area without having to set up canvas. When accompanied by optional Cool Cockpit, passengers are no longer at the mercy of the weather, but still have the option to open the hinged window and slide open the door. The convertible top, which spans the entire beam of the cockpit, electrically slides to reveal a 38-square foot opening. No obtrusive brace to handle or obstruct sight lines.

Engine Options – Volvo
-IPS 8.1 GI Gas 500 (standard)
-IPS 500 Diesel
-IPS 600 Diesel
-Joy Stick Standard

Kenneth Dsouza.
CMD. Causeway Marine India P.Ltd

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