Walker Bay Boats – Genesis Boats!

IMAGINE A BOAT AS A TENDER, A MOTOR BOAT, INFLATABLE, ROW BOAT AND A SAIL BOAT. IT DOES IT ALL AND IT DOES IT WELL. Walker Bay Boats Inc. combines expert design and state-of-the-art manufacturing to create a range of award-winning boats that are versatile in function, exceptionally durable and of the highest quality. Through the efficiencies of their unique “nested” shipping method, they are sold on every continent and in over 50 countries as the ideal boat tender, fun sailing vessel, quiet fishing dinghy and all-round recreational boat. Walker Bay Boats Inc. has operations in Yakima, Washington, designers in Brittany, France and administrative offices in Vancouver, Canada. Walker Bay can be found on the Web at www.walkerbay.com.


Company Profile

I am pleased to introduce you to Walker bay Boats a brand apart from the rest. Walker Bay Boats was founded in 1997, with its manufacturing based in Yakima, Washington State, USA. We celebrated selling our 50,000th boat last year and now report over 50,000 happy customers using Walker Bay boats worldwide. Walker Bay has also won the 2008 Innovative Award for the new Genesis line of Inflatables. Please visit the Genesis site at www.walkerbaygenesis.com or www.walkerbay.com for the original line.

Walker Bay offers the Ideal Balance of Performance, Aesthetics and Engineering, combining diligent attention to detail with functional innovation which makes our boats durable, lightweight and a simple pleasure to use. We have developed a menu of custom engineered resins formulated to the specific needs of every component to provide the optimum strength and performance. We use specially formulated HIMC resin for maximum impact resistance and toughness, with an easy to clean, non-adhesive surface. The lapstrake hull design provides a structural framework for tremendous strength and rigidity. All Walker Bay boats are manufactured with custom resins that are UV Protected for many years of use.
Our State of the Art Injection Molding insures ultra-efficient, fully automated manufacturing of single walled hulls that are tough and lightweight providing superior finish and detailing each and every time. They make the perfect Tender, the perfect Inflatable, the perfect Sailing School Sailboat, the perfect Camp Rowboat, perfect rescue boat and the perfect Family Fun Boat, all at an affordable price!
Best regards
Kenneth Dsouza.
CMD. Causeway Marine India P.Ltd


1. Power boat and Sail Boat Tender.

2. A perfect rowing boat.

3. Scuba diving and snorkeling.

4. Water Ski / Wake boarding.

5. Camping picnics and a car portable.

6. Sports fishing.

7. General Boating. ( back waters )

8. River inlets and Lake Exploration.

9. Delightful sailing.

10. Speed Boating


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