Whether you want to learn how to sail or learn a new water sport, the companies below offer ideal packages for all age groups. If you’ve never sailed, have limited sailing experience or haven’t sailed in a long time, a basic sailing course gives you the skills and confidence to take the helm. The sailing instruction course content is the same at all locations with patient, caring instructors and classmates with remarkably similar interests to yours. All water sports and Learn-to-Sail vacations are co-ed. You learn aboard sailboats and other water sports equipment which is safe, exciting and ergonomically comfortable. Besides sailing, indulge in a range of water sports that include, paddling, rafting, kite surfing and more!

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Click on the companies below for various solutions in water sports and sailing.

  1. FAIRWINDS, India
  2. Pioneer Adventure Sports, India
  3. Litmus International, India
  4. Causeway Marine India
  5. SS Marine
  6. L. Sails
  7. Blue Bay Marine, India
  8. Marine Solutions, India
  9. Casa Ibrahim, Goa, India
  10. Kalini Trimaran Cruises, Goa
  11. XS Marines, India
  12. Dolphin Recreation, Udaipur
  13. EcoIndia
  14. West Coast Marine Yacht Services, India
  15. John’s Boat Tours, Goa
  16. Quest Asia
  17. Rae Sport
  18. Ocean Blue
  19. Aquasail India
  20. Sailing Times India
  21. Water Splash Cruises, Goa
  22. Champions Yacht Club, Goa
  23. A&S Creations
  24. Goa Aquatics
  25. Nature Trails
  26. Nature Knights
  27. Pugmarks Holidays
  28. G-5 Adventure Rafting
  29. Pondy Nautic
  30. Maruti Wadi Lake Water Sports
  31. Ernakulam Sailing Association (ESA)
  32. The Goa Beach Sport Academy
  33. The Yacht Club of Hyderabad
  34. Adventure Vaitarna
  35. Kundalika Rafting Adventures
  36. Kundalika Water Rafting
  37. Outbound Adventure
  38. Colaba Sailing Club, Mumbai
  39. The Mumbai Yacht Club
  40. Mumbai Sailing Club
  41. PSA – Pondicherry Sailing Association
  42. Yacht Kart
  43. Yacht Getaways Mumbai
  44. India Boats
  45. Gateway Sailing Club
  46. Jellyfish Water Sports


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