Sailing is a unique activity, instantly refreshing and invigorating, a sport that is both recreational and competitive. Yacht clubs provide amazing opportunities for entertainment with friends and families. Some even cater to Corporate looking for employee engagement programmes or events. Sailing clubs conducts training programs for their members where adults and kids can learn sailing. The major benefit of being involved in a community boating organization is that you can enjoy the great sport of sailing without the cost or expense of owning a boat. Boat usage is available for very reasonable rates and you can try sailing, get professional instruction and enjoy the use of sailboats without having to buy and maintain a boat. The clubs really do offer the best waterfront location in town along with a wonderful place to socialize in a warm, friendly and safe environment.

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Click on the clubs below to view more info:

  1. Colaba Sailing Club, Mumbai
  2. The Mumbai Yacht Club
  3. Mumbai Sailing Club
  4. Champions Yacht Club, Goa
  5. PSA – Pondicherry Sailing Association
  6. Ernakulam Sailing Association (ESA)
  7. The Goa Beach Sport Academy
  8. The Yacht Club of Hyderabad
  9. Gateway Sailing Club

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