Experts Predict the 1st Real Marina in Goa!

It is a fact of nature that both Goa and Kochin offer superb cruising waters, much better than Mumbai. But where should the first real marina be built is the question everyone’s asking. While Mumbai is the current nucleus of boating in India, the coastline between Mumbai and Goa is quite splendid too and should be explored for marina developments. As the boats begin to rise in the Mumbai Harbor, boat owners are looking at alternate locations to park their luxury yachts. These are the boat owners from the interiors of India! Yes, the wealthy from the rich cities of interior India are indulging in boating as a new lifestyle trend in recreation. They seem fascinated by the sea and their first choice for a beach holiday is none other than Goa! Of course they frequent Mumbai for business but having a yacht in Goa makes more sense as Indians are family oriented and a family vacation is almost an annual tradition. Many even have their holiday homes in Goa. There’s no better way to spend quality time with friends & family than on an adorable sailboat or a luxury yacht.

Eng Simon Arrol – Technical Director, Marina India, remarks, “Full service marinas and boatyards are essential to develop boating. It provides the base for all the activities and businesses, and a hub for social interaction. If one looks at other countries around the world one sees many examples of the importance of the yachting sector in terms of job creation, recreation and sportsmanship, tourism, and youth training. Yachting is a healthy, non-polluting, and economically beneficial pastime. The whole point of a marina is that it provides safe berthing 365 days a year. It may be unsafe to go out boating during the monsoon but the fundamental point is that the yachts remain safe inside a marina. Marinas are the infrastructure of the yachting industry, providing a safe and convenient place to keep and maintain your boat.”

To keep this amazing trend of yachting alive the main role of Government should be to facilitate marina development. The innumerable tourists who visit Goa each year are familiar with sailing as it is a popular sport enjoyed all over the world. The increasing number of yachts has also given rise to charters of luxury yachts. Indians are becoming curious by the day and their knowledge & interest in boating is definitely seen growing. If the Government understands how important yachting could be for its tourism sector, Goa can become ‘the boating destination of India’.

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