Boat Show Boom! Which Ones Are Worth It?

There are so many Boat Shows, Lifestyle & Trade Shows coming up. Are you left wondering which ones to participate in and which ones should be given a miss? Well, think again. Awareness and enthusiasm in boating has seen a remarkable, and must say, a positive change. The audience today is already well informed and is eager to find out more in order to be a part of the fantastic trend of yachting. This just might be the season everyone in the industry has been waiting for!

Two Boat Shows in Goa and two in Mumbai, all in a span of 3 months with hardly a few days between each other! And to add to these we have some exceptional Lifestyle and Luxury shows as well. If you had the power to invest, I’d say take a risk… be extravagant… go in for as many! This is the season to reinforce your visibility & reach that zenith your business has been striving for. If you are constrained or choose to be, reflect carefully on your past experiences.

Last season was a tough one, with the unfortunate circumstances the industry suffered quite a crawl. View the many shows as a blessing and not with confusion or suspicion. Think of the concentrated coverage and promotions that will take place in this span of 3 months. Therefore to conclude, of course you must invest wisely. But if you are participating in some shows while giving others a miss, pause, and plan, participating in them in the smallest way may get you good results.

It’s Show Time Folks!

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