Goa: The Next Biggest Boating Destination in India!

Planning for the New Year celebration is in full swing! Come December and everybody will be heading off to some of the most exotic, adventurous and fun filled holiday destinations! One such place people in India want to be in during New Years is Goa!

Goa in December is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. And you don’t just see anyone in Goa in December, the whose who, the glitterati, celebrities and the rich and famous all head to Goa from all parts of India! People from the interiors of India want to taste some sun & sand, they love the seas and there’s no better beach holiday destination than Goa! Lets not forget the massive international audience that visits Goa at this time of the year. Tourists from all over the world flock to destination Goa!

Apart from the Water Sports that one loves so much at the beaches, Goa also attracts Boating. Boat trips in Goa are a pretty popular and aesthetically pleasing way of exploring Goa. In fact boat trips in Goa are being used as an effective ploy to boost both domestic and foreign tourism. Leisure boating has immense potential in Goa. In no time will Goa become the most important and sought after boating destinations in India!

The Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09 takes place from the 10th to the 13th of December this year. It happens bang in the middle of the tourist season and is bound to receive a quality visiting audience – national as well as international!

To participate or know more about the Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09, visit the link below:

www.goamarineboatexpo.com or http://www.indiayachtpage.com/view_company.php?comp_id=24

Phone No: +91 832 2438999 / +91 9850077993 / +91 9822689598
Fax: +91 832 2437077

Email: marketing@goamarineboatexpo.com / info@goamarineboatexpo.com / contact@mediagoa.com

Or you may also leave your Enquiry at http://www.indiayachtpage.com/enquiries.php

Hope to see you there!

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