Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09 REVIEW

Pleasure boating at its best was well represented at the show. Whether a visitor was interested in a kayak or a jet ski, speedboats or luxury yachts, foreign brands or India manufacturers, boat charters, fun paddle boats, sailing gear, kites & kite surfing- you name it & you were sure to find it at the Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09! There were outboard motors, pontoons & marine systems on display too.

The Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09 has certainly started with a bang! The Right show at the Right time… this boat expo has received a response beyond expectations. By the end of the very second day, boat sales were recorded. The show has benefited by taking place right in the middle of the tourist season. There was a concentration of visitors in the mornings 1030-1130am, these were the quality audience of the day – serious buyers & potential business partners. There was a lull in the afternoons, (Goa loves a noon siesta!) but crowds returned once again in the evenings after 4pm.

Over 65% of the visitors came with the intention of making a boat purchase! Foreigners were thrilled to attend a boat show in India. Many were sailors with boats back home. They did mention that if there was adequate infrastructure they would love to sail down to India more often. There were also many foreigners out of the tourist audience, who were looking out for business opportunities in boating, like representation in India. The visitors complained they wanted more, they wanted a bigger show, and with this kind of a heart-warming response, the show is sure to be 4 times its size in the coming year. The Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09 was small, but niche, a quality show with a quality audience. The participants have taken a chance by being part of this show and they are glad they did as chance has favored them. IndiaYachtPage.com wishes the exhibitors good luck on the leads, and congratulates Media Promotions for a triumphant show!


Visiting for Business? 55% YES
Looking at a boat purchase? 65% YES
Interest/Awareness Level in Boating? VERY HIGH (visitors were familiar with brands)
How did they hear of the show? 80% Newspaper Ads & Invites via email
Visited other Boat Shows in India? 35% YES
Interested in Charters? 20% YES & 70% MAY BE
Interested in learning how to sail/ being part of a club? 30% YES 40% MAY BE
Interested in Updates/news/information from the Indian boating industry? 90% YES
Profile of visitors – HNIs / Potential Buyers & Buyers: High


Silver Craft 20
Sea Ray 175
Monterey 180FS
Regal Bow Rider 2400
Kayaks – FeelFree
Kites – Peterlynn & Eclipse
Porta Bote (foldable boat)
Paddle boats
Pontoons & Marine systems
Jet-skis Yamaha WaveRunner
Kawasaki ULTRA260X & STX15F
Outboard Motors: Yamaha & Mercury
Pontoons & Marine Systems – MSE & Atlantic Marine
Sailing Gear: Gill
Visiting Yachts Management: Sea Waif (AYSS GSR recognized)
Charters: Yacht Charters India
Boat Manufacturers: Multi Tech Marine & Chinkara

On-water Display:
Sea Ray 300SD – The ideal boat for the Mumbai Harbour
Sea Master – Custom made, from India
Blade Runner – Fastest speedboat on the Indian waters
Majesty 44 – Luxury Yacht,
Kayaking demonstrations & trials by Rae Sports

All Brands:
Blade Runner
Eclipse Kites
FeelFree Kayaks
Fountain Pajot
Four Winns
Grand Soleil
Peterlynn Kites
Sea Ray
Sea Royal
Silver Craft
Sun Marine
Viking Yachts

http://www.IndiaYachtPage.com was the online promotions partner for the Goa International Marine & Boat Expo’09.

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