Boating Targets Lifestyle Events

There have been quite a few new entrants in the industry – persons who have taken their passion for the seas one step further by purchasing a boat and of course the dealership of the boat brand. There is plenty of opportunity for newer brands that come with competitive costs. From the rising interest levels witnessed last season, boating is sure to pick up! The companies in the industry are doing their best to gain exposure and their participation in events is not restricted to boat shows. Lifestyle events offer a fabulous ground to target an audience who are looking at buying their first walk-arounds or sailboats, to experience the sheer thrill of being on the waters for a quick spin or a leisurely sail!

As seen last weekend, in the latest Mumbai Wine Fest 2009, there were 3 boating companies displaying a range of boats from kayaks, to speedboats & sailboats, charters, sailing schools & more. IndiaYachtPage also participated and received a positive response from the curious crowd. The next couple of months will witness more such events coupled with boat shows as well – in Mumbai, the current nucleus of the boating industry, and Goa, the future of Boating in India. Undeniably there exists a huge potential market that is waiting to be tapped. Online or offline, be sure to be there – at the right place, at the right time!

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