Love And The Deep Blue Sea

Did you know that love was born in the deep blue sea? Yup! The mythologies of the world confirm it. From Venus to Laxmi! The goddesses of love, beauty, wealth and prosperity all sprung from the depths of the ocean. Hence the phrase ‘how deep is your love’ means much more than just mush!
This Valentines Day make sure you pay a tribute to these goddesses so that they may shower their blessings on you. With just a week left, we find out the best way to celebrate this day.
Guess what.. a Yacht party tops the list!
Enjoy a romantic cruise on the bay aboard a Yacht. Treat your sweetheart to a gourmet dinner and lose yourselves in the romantic atmosphere of the clear blue sky and the deep blue sea. Far away from the madding crowd make sure to hop on to a love boat and sail away with your honey.
Water sport activities make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who love getting out and about on the high seas. Enjoy white water rafting, zapcat racing, yacht sailing, wake boarding, motor powerboating and more.
So you see why this celebration option tops the list? Its got the thrills and the frills 😉 . Wish you Happy Sailing and a Very Happy Valentine’s day!

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