ICOMIA Represents The Voice Of The Leisure Marine Industry Worldwide

All members of the leisure marine industry who belong to their national marine industry associations are actively represented, providing that their national associations are ICOMIA members. No less than 30 national federations are full members of ICOMIA. This membership includes all the major industrialised countries from Europe, the Western and Southern hemispheres and Japan.

Thus virtually all major yacht and boat builders, sailmakers, marine engine manufacturers, accessory makers and marine operators around the world can have a say in ICOMIA’s policy decisions. ICOMIA – the International Council of Marine Industry Associations – presents a strong and united voice in representing the industry’s best interests when dealing with international authorities and their major organisations.

ICOMIA’s objectives are to provide a forum for the exchange of views between the different national marine industry associations. To produce internationally agreed standards to ensure high quality and safety of the industry’s products. To remove all barriers to trade, wherever they may exist. To promote leisure marine activities and to give guidelines where appropriate.

ICOMIA represents an agreed international industry opinion on environmental matters and seeks to minimise any adverse effects of leisure marine activities on the marine environment. Indeed protection of the marine environment is an ICOMIA core value.
With the help of its members throughout the world and in conjunction with the appropriate leisure marine user associations, ICOMIA acts internationally on behalf of all those concerned with our industry’s continued success and the public’s ability to enjoy our seas and inland waters at all levels in a clean environment.

Tony Rice, Secretary General of ICOMIA – 
Speaker @ IMF Boating Days 2010 Seminar

Tony Rice, assumed the appointment of Secretary General of ICOMIA in May 2002.

Prior to joining ICOMIA, he had a lengthy career in the British Army. He has lived in 6 countries and visited very many more, so the international dimension of ICOMIA is a particular source of enjoyment. A keen sailor since childhood, he and his wife have small sailing cruiser with which they explore the south coast of England

Tony Rice is one of the eminent speakers at the IMF Boating Days 2010 Seminar to be held on 30th January at the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers from 0900 to 1230hours, followed by lunch.
For more info visit:

http://www.indiayachtpage.com/Articles-IMF Boating Days 2010 Seminar – RELEVANCE OF THE BOATING INDUSTRY IN AN EMERGING ECONOMY.php

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