Pre-Owned Boat Market – Is It Really Years Away?

If you think the second hand boat market is yet another five years off, you are probably only half right. This season has seen a few pre-owned boat sales but a lot of second hand boat enquiries. First-timers step into the world of boating and would prefer to try their hands on something that’s lighter on their pockets. There’s a general saying in the yachting industry that goes thus: ‘An average boat owner purchases at least four yachts in his lifetime’. Wow. Well then, so what if the first one’s a second hand. asked five questions to some of the yacht retail companies with regards to pre-owned boat sales and we bring you their answers:

  • Were second-hand boats sold this season? If yes, how many?
    Each company on an average has sold at least two pre-owned boats.
  • What is the ratio between second-hand to new boat sales?
  • What is the ratio between enquiries for between second-hand to new boat sales? 3:1
  • Does a second hand boat sale lead to new boat sales?

It is a 50-50 kind of a situation at present. There are two reasons why boat owners wish to sell off their boats. Either they want to purchase a new boat and upgrade their boat or they find it difficult to meet the expenses and maintenance costs and the boat has become a liability which they want to get rid of. Thankfully, a second hand boat sale takes place more often because of the first reason – an upgrade! Many times second hand boat inquiries also lead to new boat sales!

  • After how many years does an average boat owner wish to sell off his boat?
    Usually a boat owner may choose to sell his boat in three to five years if he wants to upgrade it. But in the Indian market, many want to sell it within two years time as well.

Here are some links which you need to click before buying a boat


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