Surfing Inquiries – The Importance Of Online Promotions

An online presence is critical for reaching your target audience in today’s Internet focused age. Internet marketing – an affordable alternative to the more expensive print and broadcast marketing – can reach the people you want without breaking the bank. Let’s face it; your audience is already online; now it’s just a matter of delivering them your message.

For today’s business owners the shape of commerce has changed. No longer is the success of your businesses completely reliant on world-of-mouth and persuasive print advertising. Today’s savvy entrepreneurs understand that in order to be truly successful in today’s competitive environment it is absolutely essential to conduct comprehensive Internet marketing.

The online market never sleeps. That is why it is most important to carry on with online promotional activity even during the off season. Why? How does receiving online inquires during the off season, culminate into business? We provide some answers:

  1. The NRI: Many, from the kind of people who usually make online inquiries happen to be NRIs. They are either looking to buying a yacht and keeping it in India or may be looking at chartering a yacht when they come down for festive celebrations, family weddings and other such functions that happen between October and March. They may want to make bookings well in advance.
  2. North Indians: Rich Indians from the northern regions of India definitely want to experience the pleasure of boating as they live so far away from the sea! Awareness and enthusiasm in boating has seen a remarkable, and a positive change. The audience today is already well informed and is eager to find out more in order to be a part of the fantastic trend of yachting. For many, owning a yacht alongside their holiday homes on the coast is more like a status symbol. Some want to experience this lifestyle when they make their business trips or short holidays with family to Mumbai and other coastal cities ∧ destinations. One thing’s for sure, a successful charter or sale to this audience is guaranteed to have a ripple effect!
  3. The Youth: It’s remarkable to see how today’s generation is willing to learn, unlearn and relearn – thanks to the Internet. Many enthusiastic inquiries are received from youngsters who surf the internet for the information they need. Whether it is a sailing program or a romantic cruise, some cool sailing gear or just a new trend, the youth are most likely are to catch it first and spread it too. Given their spending power, they really go out of their way to explore and experience something different and fresh regularly.
  4. International Entrants: International Brands seeking a representation in new and promising economies are another category that surfs the net for market information.
  5. Media: Finally, the most important category that looks out for information on a continuous basis is the media. Channels or journals, no one wants to miss out on a dose of limelight to push their business forward. So make sure you are not only online but visible on the web too.

Your challengers understand the advantages of Internet advertising, and they are already hard at work setting up e-marketing portals, planning PPC campaigns, and creating points of entry for their customers. If you don’t carve a niche for yourself online; your inferiors may quickly become “brand superior” on the Internet. With more and more 18 to 35 year olds getting online (and obtaining news, communication, products and services from the web), if you don’t claim your space online, you are likely to be ignored or at the very least sidestepped by key customers. Whether you are a small business owner from a small town or a retail executive of a world class brand, chances are that your closest competitors are setting up shop online.

Online customers look for more than a name and number when they need goods or services. not only allows you to display contact information along with links, but also encourages you to talk about your products and services and promote them online through articles that are uploaded and shared on various social and professional networks. is the quintessential online platform that benefits its listed member companies. It allows a visitor to glance through the entire yachting industry in India in one eye-view; increasing probable sales of your product by giving it a fair chance against competing products. forwards inquires to member companies that are listed on the website. However, due to complete transparency and display of contact information, a prospective client may choose to contact companies directly when he reads the information off this site. We constantly create and upload promotional content that helps generate the right traffic. helps in bringing visibility and footage to the companies that participate on it. There cannot be a better level playing field. If you are not on it you simply become a spectator watching your competitors play and win.

Be a part of a global window to year-round business leads and opportunities! We CONNECT companies and businesses, CONNECT buyers and sellers, and PUSH the next lifestyle trend – BOATING! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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