Sailing With Friends In The Mumbai Harbor

After sailing a couple of times along with my friends, I got totally addicted to this sport. I recently took up membership with the Colaba Sailing Club and now go sailing almost every weekend, Saturdays & Sundays! Sailing must be the most underrated sport of all time. Sailing is simply one of those life skills, like riding a bicycle or swimming. It can be learnt in an hour or two for sheer enjoyment or perfected through training. The level is up to the individual. But don’t take my word for it. I took 16 of my friends sailing along with me and did a short survey on their experience. This is what they had to say:

What did you like best about sailing?
“Had a blast! Sailing is unique… you’re in the sea and are uncertain about the winds… you look forward to them… and once the winds arrive… you just want them to continue all along! We also like that sailing is fuel-free and motor-free! It gives us a break from the busy life of the city and is a kind of an adventure within the city itself. It is near to nature… a beautiful experience! The peace of mind got from being out there with people we enjoy being with and having the wind in our face and the occasional sea spray too… loved it! But most of all we loved the calmness the huge expanse of the sea brought to us… it was very relaxing, leisure at its best! FOND MEMORIES, sailing brought us closer.”

What did you hate about it?
“Nothing. Would hate to see poop in the water if we came across it, …the fact that it had to end & the ride did not last forever but may be too much of anything sometimes gets monotonous.”

Would u consider joining the Colaba Sailing Club?
“Yes, but with minimal club facilities like the rest room and restaurant.”

Would u like to learn how to sail a boat on your own?

Up to how much would u pay for a 12 turn course? (10 practs & 2 theory) 
Average 10k.

If u want to only hire the sailboat, how much would u pay for 2 hours? 
Average rupees 500 to 1500 upto 2500 depending on the boat.

Would u like to own a sailboat?
“Sounds enticing if we learnt to sail, yes why not.”

Would u like to be part of a rally? 7 day voyage or a weekend picnic?

Would u participate in competitive sailing?

Would you like to try out more water sports like kayaking, wind surfing, rafting etc?

Do u know how to swim?

50% Yes. 50% No.

We are talking sailboats here so far, so have u researched anything about them after your first sailing experience with me?
“Yes, a bit always before the ride, to remember the parts of the boat etc.”

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