Statistics – Who’s Clicking What, When And Where?

In this article we bring you the online market’s performance. has been carrying out a lot of online promotional activity and the traffic to the website has increased steadily over the past six months. From the total visiting audience, 80% are new visitors! These hits come from various sources like search engines, direct hits and hits through referral websites like social and professional networks and blogs. 58% of the hits are through Google ad campaigns launched by 14% resulted out of relevant searches, 23% were direct visitors and 4% referral.

Content is important, as companies get listed, we constantly try and create content that promotes their products and services with effective keywords that match their business. Promotional articles submitted by these companies are encouraged and uploaded. Each of these carries their full contact information and website link so that their online visibility increases. The relevant key words that have performed best in generating traffic have been marina, jet ski, boats India, yacht hire, yacht charter, boat shows, yacht club, power boat and water sports. Interest in these areas is maximum and people log onto the internet to find more information particularly relating to these categories.

This season has seen a lot of inquiries for Indian manufactured boats, second hand boats, outboard engines, water sports outlets and equipment and of course yacht charters. Many from these have successfully materialized into sales. is also being promoted constantly at various events, not only boat shows and regattas, but also luxury and lifestyle events. Online promotions through social and professional networking sites have steadily increased the hits. These statistics are bound to improve as more and more companies join in. It is of course up to companies to realize the significance of this platform that is being created for them online. is more than just a yellow pages of the India boating Industry. It is a global window to year-round business leads & opportunities! We CONNECT companies and businesses; CONNECT buyers and sellers, and, PUSH the next lifestyle trend – BOATING!

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