Kayaking with the Dolphins: A Perfect Weekend For Fitness and Fun!

If you are tired of Mumbai and routine, free on a weekend but you have no place to go just get away from Mumbai for a while and get your fair share of water sports and then some rest! And if not the water sports, imagine a leisurely boat ride with the dolphins… If this sounds like fun then hop on to a ferry or a speed boat at the Gateway of India and reach Mandwa in just 20 minutes. The beaches are cleaner and perfect for a little bit of fun in the sun. Hotels and villas on rent are just a 15 minute walk away from the Pioneer Adventure Sports location. Pioneer Adventure Sports offers all water sports, games and rides; including parasailing and leisurely boat rides…. Jet Skiing Kayaking, Fishing Trips, Island Trips & many more. Their timings are from morning 8.30am to 7 pm.

For a really wonderful experience, come a night before and experience the thrill of watching dolphins in the wild while you kayak or sail…Dolphins appear in the early mornings and around sun down, when it is not too hot and the sun is low. The best time to see a lot of them is the hour or so just before dark.

Kayaking as a sport…
Kayaks are great for recreational paddling, but did you know that you can also use your boat to get fit, tone your muscles and develop endurance? Anyone of any age or fitness level can use kayaking to get a great full body workout, or as a low-impact complement to other sports like running and cycling. Paddling, which is what you do when you’re kayaking, is great for your cardiovascular system, but it’s also good strength training. A 130-pound woman burns approximately 295 calories an hour kayaking at a moderate pace, since you are really using your upper body and a bit of your lower body (a lot of muscles at once) to make the paddling movements. Essentially, you’ll be working your core as well because paddling requires that you hold your paddle, lift it, swing it, stick it in the water, sit erect, twist, bend, apply leverage to the paddle and push with the legs…all on an unstable environment. If you’re going to go a mile, that’s about 500 strokes!

Nothing is better for the mind than being on the open water, powering yourself through the waters of the Arabian sea. Couch potatoes to serious competitors are invited to join in the fun as we guide kayakers of all levels to greater health, increased energy and full body fitness. Kayaking can be carried out over any surface of water. While whitewater kayaking is very popular, ocean kayaking is another form of the sport which is extremely admired. It is the best alternative to surfboarding!
Ocean kayaks are slightly different and longer than the kayaks that are used for whitewater kayaking. An ocean kayak is up to 15 feet long and has enough volume in the stern to keep it on the move. The kayak is long in size to accommodate additional gear that you may require on an urgent basis while traveling long distances. The ocean kayak is specially designed to easily maneuver over rough ocean waters. Many sea kayaks that are similar to ocean kayaks are fitted with spray skirts to ensure water proofing. They are also fitted in with rudders which are a necessary feature in them.

Contact: Pioneer Adventure Sports
Mandawa Beach, (Mandawa jetty) Alibag
Mobile- 9850303031

Head Office:-
Pioneer Adventure Sports
Pioneer Agencies,
Nagarpalika Complex,
Alibag, Dist.- Raigad
Phone- 02141- 221817, Mob.- 9850303031

Hotels, Water Sports and Charter Companies are invited to advertise with us or take up an annual listing. To know more contact us today!

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