Sailing The Topaz Omega – The Ultimate All-Rounder

The OMEGA is the ultimate family day sailor. She provides you with so many sailing options. She’s equally happy cruising or pottering, racing or blasting. Fast, fun sailing with a gennaker and trapeze or a relaxed day with your family and friends – you decide. The famous Howlett design hull stability means that Omega sailing is always fun and relaxing and drama free. The Topaz Omega is a boat which pretty much all ages could enjoy – one up, two up, three up, four up or more up. Topper should do very nicely with this one. The Topaz Omega is a superb boat with loads of room, good performance, good looks, excellent systems and fittings at a very good price.

The combination of the stability and performance together with reefing and easy control systems mean the Omega is the ultimate multi purpose family sailboat. The layout and attention to detail delivers versatility, comfort and performance without compromise. As you’d expect the Omega is ideal for family cruising and teaching newcomers. The added bonus is that she also offers more experienced sailors impressive performance potential, pedigree handling and high specification throughout. So you can club race or go for an uplifting blast in your Omega too!


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Why OMEGA? Because you want a versatile dinghy that’s easy to rig, launch and sail. Because you want a family sailboat that provides rewarding performance with space, comfort, stability and security for six family and friends. Because you want maintenance free, hassle free sailboat at an incredible value for money. And because you want a fantastic all rounder that everyone can enjoy!

Cost of one unit with all accessories and ready to sail with trolley and cover will cost Rs. 6,00,000.00 plus taxes. Maintenance charges as such are not applicable to this boat. All that is required is parking space for the boat which can be worked out. Rest will be applicable as per usage i.e. breakdown of any specific equipment that has to be replaced. This boat is designed for seven adults. Life jacket for seven persons will cost Rs. 7,000.00 plus taxes. Cost of a professional who will go out with the client to teach sailing will charge Rs. 500.00 per session. If employed on monthly basis, cost will be Rs. 20,000.00 plus taxes. These boats come with Trolleys and therefore we can keep these boats on their trolleys on the beach under the responsibility of a sailing club located in Mandwa (BSA etc). 

“Sailing this was just SUPERB and i feel privileged to sail it along with Prasad Shelar of Marine Solutions and P. Muthu who has been winning the 470 class championships since 2006! – Zinia JC


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