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The Goa International Marine & Boat Expo; the only boat show in India with the land exhibit alongside the water display, has established itself as one of India’s leading boat shows only in its second year in the running! Held in December 2010, on the banks of the River Mandovi, at the prestigious Kala Academy in Panaji, the capital city of Goa, Goa International Marine & Boat Expo 2010 saw a 30% rise in participation as new companies joined in to support the show. The Kala Academy, Panaji, is a vibrant representation of the culture and art of Goa and this is expressed in the scores of events held here-the jetty adjoining the exhibition ground makes for an ideal location where the land and water displays are side by side; making it a major convenience to all clients.

Also, a host of services like front page publicity in all the major newspapers of Goa, personal attention to VIP guests, and small but important touches make this a unique and wonderful boat show. Another selling point of this exhibition is its elegance, attracting the crème de la crème of potential and serious buyers to this show. With the biggest and most renowned hotel chains, Goa is an international event destination, hosting the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and the International Gems & Jewellery Exhibition. Although Mumbai, the commercial capital of India may hold the maximum count of boats, read on to learn why Goa has the advantage of becoming the preferred international boating destination!

Goa –Star of Pleasure Boating in India: There are three main reasons why Goa has the advantage over Mumbai and Cochin. Goa, the tiny emerald land on the west coast of India takes the lead when it comes to the tourism sweepstakes of the country. Goa is the Indian hot spot for recreational boating. Over 40 beachfront luxury resorts and an equal number under development constitute a huge market for boats, yachts, jet skis and water sports equipment.

Many tourists own boats back home and would love to cruise down to Goa if only there was adequate infrastructure and regulation procedure in place. An increased number of visiting yachts is what India needs to become a sought after sailing destination on the world map. Once we have them coming in, international events, rallies and regattas will automatically follow suit. Lack of infrastructure and regulatory measures is what is stopping India and Goa from being a sailing paradise, not to mention the boost to the local and the country’s economy!

The backwaters and waterfront properties make for an ideal marina setup of international standards. Apart from Goa’s own rich and famous, including the Dempos, Salgaocars, Chowgules, Vedanta, Timblos, Menezes, etc, many of India’s big names own vacation villas here. With the biggest and most renowned hotel chains, Goa is an important international event destination. Last but not the least, we have maximum faith in the state government of Goa to step up its game and be the first to initiate development of this industry.

Visitor Profile:
The most serious buyers visited the show in the first half of the day. Potential buyers were much more focused and knowledgeable about what they wanted in terms of brand awareness, costs and availability of a range of services. They comprised of individuals who owned waterfront properties, resorts and hoteliers, boat owners looking for an upgrade, enthusiasts looking at converting their purchase into a business model, enquiries for security and patrol boats, rescue boats and diving boats, water sports equipment, banks for yacht insurance and financing, companies from the entertainment industry and tourists inquiring about regulation procedures to bring their boats to India.
The afternoons were a no show since Goa loves its afternoon siesta! Visitors returned in heaps in the evenings but only half of them were a quality audience, the rest were mostly family groups and visitors interested in getting photographed alongside the boats on display.

Participant and Product Profile:
Most of the participants in the Expo were Indian companies – boat dealers, marina and pontoon companies, Indian manufacturers; water sports equipment companies, coast guard and ports. There was also some participation by Goa tourism and government bodies.
The product profile at the boat show included powerboats, coastal cruisers, luxury yachts, sports boats, water sports, kites, kayaks, canoes, products by ports and shipbuilders, marine industries and equipment, dock and pontoon systems, hovercraft and pedal boats as well as lifestyle products and luxury brands in a special section.

Analyzing Demand:
Backwaters interlace the land of Goa and hence the demand for speed boats and catamarans was at an all time high! With the buzz of the government supporting marina development and waterfront property development, pontoons and marina companies made their presence felt. Jet skis and kayaks, paddle boats and canoes too performed very well at the show. A clear rise in custom built boats by Indian boat manufacturers was recorded and they were too well represented at the show. Charter inquiries were slow but if there was infrastructure and Goa saw visiting yachts coming; then charters could benefit greatly as this is what will create a culture with increased awareness in boating. Regulation issues were constantly questioned and potential buyers were well aware of the two major drawbacks – lack of infrastructure and regulatory measures. But nothing stops a water baby and the one who is out to make a trend statement. Sales were record and the participants were pleased with the event. They believe it can become the biggest boat show in India.

The organizers went one step further to invite the government to initiate infrastructure development and regulations, the two major hindrances that are keeping the industry from speeding full steam ahead. Clive Sequeira and Kedar Dhume, organizers of the Goa International Marine and Boat Expo, said that a lack of rules to govern recreational boating is hampering the growth in Goa. “Both the central as well as the state governments do not have regulations in place to support leisure boating”, Sequeira told the Times of India. “We have procedures in place for cargo-shipping and fishing, but not leisure boating.” The Indian Marine Federation made presentations before the chief minister, the secretary for ports and the captain of ports this year during the Goa boat show, requesting clarification for guidelines.

With so many waterfront properties in Goa, pontoon structures and leisure boats are destined to spring up, if only the government would finally wake up and smell the potential. Another decade should not be lost before we see the era of boating in India reach its maximum glory.


Visitor’s survey:
Looking for Business opportunities: 15%
Looking at a purchase: 45%
Interested in Charters: 7%
Interested in learning how to sail: 10%
Interested in membership of a club: 3%
Heard of the show through Newspaper Ads & hoardings: 80%
Heard of the show through email invites and internet: 20%
Visited other Boat Shows in India: 15%
Interested in Updates/news/information from the Indian boating industry? 70%

All Brands:
Acr Dock, Airberth, Arshea Marine Concepts, Aquarius Fibreglas, Bayliner, Chinkara Marine, Dan Fenders, Eclipse Kites, Edgewaker, Fairline, Ferretti, Feelfree Kayaks, Gill, Grand Soleil, Harris, Holt, Jeanneau, Kaiyan, Kawasaki, Litmus Marine, Marinetek, Majesty, Marlow, Mercury Marine, Mercury Inflatables, Meridian Yachts, Monterey, Nautitech, Novurania, Oryx, Ocean Yachts, Peterlynn Kites, Praga Marine, Prestige, Regal, Silver Craft, Sea Ray, Sea Royal, Sessa Marine, Sea Scan Marine, S S Marine, Sun Marine, Viking Yachts, Walkerbay, Water Wish and Yamaha.


Amongst the speed boats present on display were the Bayliner 175 (Navnit Marine), Arrow by Praga Marine (Indian manufactured), Sea Ray 175 (Marine Solutions), Regal 27 of Causeway Marine India and Monterey 180 FS by Ocean Crest Marine. The Battuta 33 by Neil Marine, one of the finest boatyards in Sri Lanka, was launched by Marine Solutions at the show. Navnit Marine launched the Sunliner 220 by Harris Flote Bote, a pontoon boat that can take 15 to 18 persons for a bbq party or a family charter, ideal for the backwaters of Goa. Aquarious Fibreglass had on water display a vibrant yellow hull sailboat – an 18 feet mini cabin cruiser. The Majesty 44 described as the entry level luxury yacht by West Coast Marine also stood pretty on the waters alongside the Kala Academy jetty. Leopard Catamaran was the biggest sailboat (40 feet) on display by Aquasail who had their mini stall on the jetty itself.
The pontoons were provided by Litmus International, displayed on land as well as at the jetty. Amongst the other marine and pontoon solutions companies were Marinetek, SS Marine, West Coast Marine Yacht Services India and Aquarious Fibreglass. Rigid inflatable boats on display included the Aquarious Fibreglass rescue boat, Zodiac Avon Projet 320 by Marine Solutions, Kaiyan by West Coast Marine Yacht Services, Sun Royale by Causeway Marine India and Apex inflatables T18 by SS Marine – ideal for rescue operations during floods in rivers and rocky regions.
Amongst the water sports equipment, Rae Sports had the most colourful stall going with a range of Kayaks on display. These were sit-on-top, sit-inside FeelFree kayaks, wind surfers, surfing kites and power kites by Peterlynn, canoes life jackets and accessories. Rae Sports also organized a Kayak Rolling demo. Others included the Walkerbay Airis Kayak by Causeway Marine India, Aquaglide towables, kayaks and canoes, paddle boats and HDPE(high density poly ethylene –a high grade plastic) boats by Litmus International, Kawasaki jetskis Ultra 260 X and STX 15 F by Marine Solutions and Gill sail gear by West Coast Marine Yacht Services. Aquarius Fibreglass also displayed emergency buoyant apparatus, fibreglass tanks and pipes and the only Green product at the show was the electrical and solar outboard engine, Torqeedo, by Litmus International.

To view images of the show click here.

To conclude, wishes the exhibitors good luck on the leads, and congratulates Media Promotions for another triumphant show!

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