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The mystery that is the MIBS! The Mumbai International Boat Show 2011 was smaller compared to the one last year and lacked a water display at the Gateway of India but the good news is that many old companies/brands returned to participate along with a lot of new ones! If this boat show succeeds in making even a tiny difference to the many hurdles discussed at the CII Boating Conference, it’s going to triple in size next year. The event was not very crowded; however, it received few but quality visitors. This year, the boat show was all about connecting businesses. Many boating companies and ancillary companies participated and visited the show from all over India and the world.

Visitor Profile
Mumbai is home to almost 70% of the boating industry in India. The boating culture is slowly but surely seeping into India as many people return to the show every year with increased knowledge and awareness. Yes, the handful of potential buyers who visited the show were not first time visitors and returned this year with an agenda. Whether their purchase was meant for recreation or a form of a business investment; buyers at the show knew exactly what they wanted in terms of size, brand and type of yachts. Having visited other boat shows before, they were focused and asked all the right questions.

Companies and businesses visited from all over India (especially the south) and the world. There was participation from boat builders from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Cochin and Chennai. There have been many boat clubs springing up along the coastline. Many came to the show in search of information on charter packages and purchase of an ideal yacht charter fleet. International companies returned to assess the condition of the boating industry in India and whether it was an apt time to enter the market. Banks have shown keen interest in the same and dropped by to explore their prospects. International Trade Commissions visited the show and the boating conference.

Participant Profile:
The participants included boat and yacht accessories, boat building material, repair and maintenance, trailers and hoists, coast guard and emergency equipment, deck fittings, diving and fishing, jet skis and accessories, marina developers, motor boats, nautical gift items, sailing boats and yachts, boat manufacturers, small boats, super yachts, water sports, wind surfing and water skiing equipment, sea gear, water tourism, cruise liners and charter companies, clubs and associations, government bodies and international trade commissions.

Analyzing Demand:
The Indian boat market is still unsteady and is yet to establish a consistent pattern in performance. One still cannot predict how and when the market will turn in favor of sales and inquiries begin to materialize. Pre-owned boat sales lead to new boat sales and this happens usually when an uncertain first-time buyer chooses to explore second-hand options especially due to lack of infrastructure and other inconveniences. New boat purchases are a result of upgrades by the gutsy few who’d like to explore the trend and lifestyle of boating.

When one visits the Mumbai International Boat Show 2011 one feels as though it needs a sort of a boost. A boost in participation will make it a bigger show. A boost in publicity and advertising will make it a more popular show, recognized as it should be – a truly international boat show. At the moment it feels anything but like it. These two things go hand in hand. When companies are convinced of the promotional activities of the event they participate. Without their participation adequate promotion of the show is not feasible. A bigger show leads to bigger promotion, leads to a bigger audience, leads to bigger business, and leads to a bigger industry.

This industry has to be viewed as an exception; special provisions and special permissions need to be allotted for the show’s location, to start with. Where in the world do you have a boat show with no water display or one which is 90 minutes away from the land exhibit? Besides having an efficient boat show to showcase the industry, minimal infrastructure and policies need to fall in place. This year, the MIBS voiced these concerns effectively through the CII Boating Conference and the press meet. MIBS welcomed all suggestions, advice and recommendations both for the Mumbai International Boat Show as well as the overall industry. One can contact them with feedback and share ideas on the progress of this industry.

Some Indian companies chose to attend the Dubai International Boat Show that commenced the next day MIBS ended. The others who missed the bus or shall we say the boat once again, were present in dutiful attendance to analyze the happenings of the event. All companies need to find a common ground and get a move on. Players should concentrate on exploring the market rather than competition. In a trade show, companies gather to make sales happen and each company should be able to advance on its own strategies rather than pull down or play the blame game with its competitors. They must be able to judge on their own what has worked out for them and make independent decisions rather than following the crowd. It is essential to put up a united front and focus on infrastructure, operations, education, laws, safety regulations, licensing and policies governing the leisure boating industry. This has been the agenda for this season and the results will hopefully show in the coming season. Fingers crossed.

Mumbai has a natural harbour with miles of sheltered coastline – great places to sail to. India’s financial capital Mumbai is the world’s seventh largest city in terms of billionaire population according to a Top 10 Billionaire City list by Forbes. Mumbai is home to the highest number of corporate headquarters and is home to the scions of some of India’s largest private enterprises. Most of the foreign banks and financial institutions have set up offices in its expanse. Mumbai has been granted the status of the state capital of Maharashtra, since it has a large percentage of state and central government employees in its workforce. It comprises of the headquarters of esteemed Indian financial institutions like Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India, National Stock Exchange, etc. It has the command centers of all the major television and satellite networks as well. Lastly, Mumbai has a strong boating heritage with the 3rd oldest yacht club in the world, the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, set up in 1846.

If India is to witness a sea change for its boating industry, it might as well start in Mumbai!

Visitor’s survey:
Looking for Business opportunities: 70%
Looking at a purchase: 25%
Interested in Charters: 40%
Interested in learning how to sail: 15%
Interested in membership of a club: 20%
Heard of the show through invites, newspaper articles, ads & hoardings: 80%
Heard of the show through email, invites and internet: 20%
Visited other Boat Shows in India: 60%
Visited other Boat Shows in the world: 20%
Interested in news & information from the Indian boating industry? 80%

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