Sea Gear And Sailing Accessories A to Z

Sailing and kayaking are becoming increasingly popular forms of water sports in India. When one goes out on the waters, certain essential requirements are to be met with – like the correct choice of boats or kayaks, life jackets, gloves, etc.

Litmus Marine a marine service firm offers safe and quality products required at sea. The Pelican kayaks available at Litmus International are of the finest quality. They are basically of four types:

  1. Kayaks sit-in
  2. Kayaks sit-in fishing
  3. Kayaks sit-on-top
  4. Kayaks sit-on-top fishing

A single-seater kayak ranges from `16000-`17000 and sometimes may even go up to `25000. A double-seater kayak ranges from `35000-`45000. A mandatory requirement that is to be met at sea is the usage of proper life jackets. Litmus marine offers life jackets of their very own brand Litmus.

They come in various sizes viz small, medium and large. They vary in price accordingly starting from `800-`3500. Life jackets ensure safety but other accessories that are required are caps, gloves, glares etc.
SEA (Sea Equipment Australia) a specialist in sea accessories provides a range of sea equipments ranging form gloves and caps to waterproof covers and board bags.

Gill, is another brand that provides a wide range of gloves. The range moves across from basic grip gloves that provide great grip to helsman gloves that offer a great combination of grip and superior comfort. The prices range from `400-`3000. Glares at times are a must at sea and at Gill the varied range of glares cater to the needs of an amateur sailor to that of a professional.

Lycra skins and stretch shorts offer great comfort to the body. Waterproof bags, socks, caps, knee pads, rescue knifes, trapeze boots all together complete your sailing kit.

Litmus MarineSEA, and Gill not only aim at ensuring your safety but also provide great comfort while you are at sea. So now the next time you are planning to go out on to the waters you know where you will find some must haves quality accessories!

Article compiled by Vignesh Iyer

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