Boating Companies Of India, Are We All On The Same Page?

What happens when a company joins India Yacht Page? Many Indian boating companies who are not part of India Yacht Page often ask why they should take up a listing when there already is a website of their own that generates business throughout the year. Well, the answer is simple and the answer is “Presence”.

India Yacht Page has established a firm presence both online and offline and innovates itself each season to promote the many businesses and companies that join our website. It is our aim to promote the boating industry and India Yacht Page leaves no stone unturned to get each product and service that becomes a part of our network its due exposure. We feature in various magazines, participate in boat shows, attend other trade shows and sailing events.

What exactly happens when a company joins India Yacht Page?

We Put YOU in the Spotlight:
That is our very first step with new companies joining India Yacht Page. Whether it is an emailer blast or a complimentary advertorial, we make sure you are featured where you are sure to get the right eyeballs and an increased number of inquiries coming your way!

Content Creation:
We encourage companies to submit articles on their products and services which are uploaded and archived. Each article carries the company website’s link and complete contact details. This helps in greater visibility of the product or service. If companies get lazy or do not find the time, no sweat, our team of writers will call YOU and write about YOU!

Online Inquiries:
Many existing companies question the low number of inquiries forwarded from our website. Yes, that’s right, “low”, you have read it right! But have they stopped and noticed the increase in online inquiries from their own website? One of the advantages of taking up a listing with us is that it betters your own online visibility because of the number of back links we create. We make sure YOUR CONTACT information and YOUR WEBSITE LINK is always present in all articles, advertorials, ads and emailer blasts that display your brand. Hence, an interested visitor is encouraged to contact you directly. Just in case an inquiry reaches us, it is forwarded.

Print Advertising and Magazine Features:
Print advertising is expensive and although you may strike a good deal it somehow never seems enough. India Yacht Page caters to an industry which is so versatile! We have started advertising and writing for magazines in various fields be it boating, fashion and lifestyle, business and finance, art, horse racing, travel, you name it and we will feature in it! When we advertise our website, all companies featured on it get promoted. When we write about our website, or cover a story on the industry, the companies on our website get a mention as per the subject of the article.

Our Presence at Trade Shows:
Exposure of our website through participation in various boat shows and sailing events leads to double exposure for companies who are listed with us. You may not be part of an event but if you are featured on our website you automatically get some leverage out of our presence at that event. If you are part of the events we participate in and attend you are still at an advantage. Who knows an inquiry that slipped away while you were busy looking after another may just get recorded at the India Yacht Page stall and land in your inbox! We make following-up and database collection a smoother process for you.

Not Enough?
If the above is not enough, India Yacht Page plans to get bigger and better promotions and coverage and steadily spread its wings with community building activities, forums and fests. We are here to voice your opinions, clear obstacles and lay the foundations of a flourishing industry. So join us today and support us to spread and grow this unique culture, sport and industry in the best and fastest way forward. You may conquer the mountain alone but you need to come together to move it! Are we on the same Page?

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