India Yacht Page Performance Report

The online market has been abuzz this season and business for the boating industry has certainly come alive. Website hits have soared; especially between December and February. The number of returning visitors has increased and the percentage of unique visitors continues to remain high. From the positive feedback received from existing listed companies and others who wish to join India Yacht Page; we are planning to revamp the website to make it much more interactive. Companies and visitors will be able to interact with each other, post comments, answer queries, have a live discussion, conduct surveys and collect feedback.

Two seasons old now, India Yacht Page makes sure to participate in at least two events every season. We have been a part of boat shows and other lifestyle events like the Mumbai International Boat Show 2011, Goa International Marine & Boat Expo 2010, Goa International Marine & Boat Expo 2009 and the Mumbai Wine Tasting Festival 2009. Encouraging sailing as a sport and recreational activity tops our list. This season we introduced ‘Sailing to the Max’ and took over 25 persons sailing in the Mumbai harbor. The ‘Bored over the Weekend?’ flier and emailer promoted water sports across the harbor which led to charters, which will eventually lead to sales and infrastructure development, thus, establishing a trend that will fuel the growth of the industry. These two promos will continue in the coming season.

India Yacht Page has ventured into print media for wide coverage and better promotions. We have advertised and featured in magazines like Asia-Pacific Boating India Edition, India Contemporary Art Journal, Viva Goa, Verve, and Racing World to name a few. Media coverage and stories published are archived and accessible at all times on our website after their release. Since boating is so versatile, it attracts journalism from various other industries. India Yacht Page is reaching out to as many it takes to get efficient promotions happening, both online and offline, through the year.


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