Owning A Luxury Yacht, An Exhilarating Experience!

She is one of the largest Luxury Motor Yachts in the Mumbai Harbour. Custom built in India, she is designed under the connoisseurial eye of her owner, Indian industrialist Gautam Singhania!  MY Ashena, with her unique Burma teak hull is a far cry from the usual yachts. The ultimate in aquatic sophistication and India’s first and only indigenous yacht,  MY Ashena is one of the few yachts in the world constructed entirely of wood and probably the only one with an all-wood superstructure! Mr. Singhania says, “If you can afford it, there is no experience like having your own yacht,” and further shares his ownership experience.

  1. How did you decide on owning a boat of this size? Why did you go in for a custom build from India?
    A) I have been chartering yachts in the Mediterranean and elsewhere for the last decade or so, and I have always enjoyed the lifestyle that it offered. Since India has always had a rich and varied history of traditional boat-building, I decided it would be interesting to marry our design and artisanship with the western concept of luxury.
  2.  MY Ashena’s Burmese hull makes her stand out from the rest of the conventional white yachts! What made you chose such a design?
    A) Burma Teak has been used in traditional boat building for over a century now, and it has proven itself to be a strong, sturdy and reliable material that can stand the test of time. Not many people realize that wood is a lot cheaper to maintain in the long run, and it will outlast all other materials such as fibre-glass, aluminum and steel. Besides, it is easily the best looking material for a yacht; it captures that old-world charm that none of the other materials can.
  3. How often do you use the yacht and where have you been on it?
    A) The yacht has been used extensively in the Gulf (she was finished in Dubai). We have explored the beautiful coast of Oman, including the pristine Musandam area. After two years in Dubai, I had her sailed down to Mumbai, from where we have made extensive trips down the coast to Goa. Last year we had a fifteen day charter in the Maldives as well.

To know more about Ashena click here!

  1. Would you like to add to your fleet?
    A) Yacht design and manufacturing is an industry that is continuously evolving. Boats are becoming bigger, better and increasingly customized. If and when I ever decide to add another yacht to my fleet, the decision will be made then, based on the requirements that I would have for the yacht.
  2. Is  MY Ashena on the national and international charter market?
    A) Yes she has been so far. We will take a decision again in a couple of months about how we want to market her for the next season viz as a venue for high-profile events in the harbour and/or invite charters for her in the region.
  3. What is your message to future boat owners in India who want to explore this lifestyle trend?
    A) India has proven itself very slow to catch on to the luxury and lifestyle that a yacht can offer. It is not as if people do not have the money. Very often a potential owner is discouraged by the lack of infrastructure in Bombay and in other parts of India. But in a nutshell, I would say if you can afford it, there is no experience like having your own yacht. If one does not wish to invest in a yacht of their own, then they need to look at chartering existing boats for their vacation. Once this awareness of how enriching the experience of holidaying on a boat catches on, I’m sure a lot of people will come forward and make this lifestyle change, either as owners or charterers.


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