Pre-Checks For A Pre-Owned Boat

Second hand boats are confirming their demand in the market as buyers find them economical, and, at the same time give the satisfaction of owning a yacht and fulfilling their boating dreams. Buying a used boat can be an interesting alternative if you have financial constraints or are discouraged by the inadequate infrastructure.

“The pre-owned boat market is opening up and a new trend has set in – buying used boats. The market for used boats is set to widen up even more and has a great potential in the future” says Mr. Phiroze Contractor of Ava Marine. The second hand boats are relatively cheaper than the new boats. Buying such boats not only proves to be economical for the buyer but also beneficial for the seller as he is able to invest the money earned in a much bigger and better boat. “Clients who wish to transit into larger boats want to sell their boats so that with the help of the money they can invest in a boat of a bigger size and one which offers greater comfort and luxury” says Mr. S.G. Contractor, Ava Marine.

The old boats need to be checked and cleaned before they are put up

for sale again. The hull needs to be cleaned properly. The engine of the boat is a very important part and it has a limited life thus its maintenance should be looked into. Mr. S.G. Contractor stresses upon their through cleaning. “We clean the hull first and check for corrosions on the other parts of the boat. But the most important part that needs servicing is the engine. The engine needs to be cleaned thoroughly and the salt accumulated should be flushed out with the help of fresh water. The engine has a fixed life and we need to take utmost care of it”.

Buying a used boat could have its advantages but also some disadvantages. One of the advantages in buying a previous-owned yacht is the fact that you could even negotiate the price. Another advantage buying used boats is the fact that you don’t have to spend more money on equipment; they already come with everything you need: life jackets, extinguishers, anchors etc.

The risk involved with used boats could be structural and mechanical. You should research about what the boats was previously used for, how often it was used, why it is being sold, what the condition of the deck is, etc.

Here are some must do’s before buying the boat

  1. Test the boat, look in the cabins, and check for cracks,
  2. Make sure the ropes are assured.
  3. If it smells rusty of musty then you have a problem.
  4. Get the electrics checked.
  5. Get the boat surveyed. Be sure you’ll get a contract for the boat to make sure that the current owner has the proper documents for it.

It gives the same feeling of ownership, the same level of comfort and the same luxury. All this can be yours at a cheaper price than a brand new. Go ahead and invest in a second-hand boat. Visit the companies on our website  and checkout your options.

Article compiled by Vignesh Iyer.

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