The World’s Most Effective Electric OBM – Torqueedo

Torqeedo offers the most innovative, and the most powerful electric drives on the market. Their objective is to distribute nature-protecting electric drives, and to offer drive solutions which are economic as well as ecological. Litmus Marine International represents in India the most effective electric OBM in the world – Torqeedo from Germany!

  • Almost noiseless operation
    • Highest Energy to Power Ratio
    • Integrated GPS receiver & Indicator
    • Lithium Integrated battery
    • Lowest Carbon footprint
    • Charger status indicated on Battery
    • Transom bracket with tilt /trim /lock.
    • Two years manufacturer warranty
    • Connection for standard remote steering control in Cruise R models

The Ultimate in Electric Outboards!

Travel 503/1003 – If you are looking for a high-end solution for small outboards that is even cheaper than a regular gasoline outboard in the long run, your search is over. With the foldable and flexible CIGS solar panel you can charge your Travel battery any time – even during operation.

Cruise 4.0 R – The new standard of powerful electric outboards. Cruise R series of OBM are for boats, which are controlled with remote steering and remote throttle, as well as for sailboats steered with a rudder.

Our new models achieve efficiency rates of 51 %, which means over half of the energy supplied by the batteries is transformed into propulsive power The Cruise R can stand even a temporary complete submersion under water without taking any harm.

Also, we have integrated a GPS receiver and an information system, so you always know how much battery power and remaining range you have.

Cruise 2.0 – Highly efficient and powerful – Torqeedo presents the most powerful 24 V outboard on the market. Torqeedo Cruise is the emission-free alternative for sailing and motor boats with displacement of up to three tons.

Travel 401 801 series – Ultra lightweight, ultra mobile, ultra strong motor for the perfect drive for small boats, dinghies, tenders, jollies, and daysailors up to 1.5 tons of displacement.

There is simply no comparison to Torqeedo when it comes to performance, transport and space-saving storage – both on board and on land.

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