Flotillas: For The More Experienced Yacht Charterer

Flotilla sailing belongs to the category of Bareboat charters where a group of small sailing yachts, 28-35 feet long are rented together without crew. The yachts sail together accompanied by a leader-guide following a pre-arranged specific route. Guests can enjoy instruction and help from the crew aboard the lead yacht. Flotillas are generally safer and more social. The flotilla charter will generally have a skipper, hostess and mechanic aboard the lead charter boat. On a flotilla yacht charter you sail separately in your own chartered yacht, but meet-up with the other yachts in the flotilla each evening at an agreed location. You have the benefit of an experienced crew on the flotilla lead boat who are there to help you throughout your holiday; each skipper in the flotilla can benefit from their local knowledge of weather and wind, harbours and eating places and should there be any problems on passage, help is close at hand. These professionals will organize an enjoyable cruise itinerary and also tend to anything that goes wrong with your yacht. This therefore increases safety for all and bestows a feeling of security that makes the sailing holiday cruise more relaxing, whatever the season.

More recently, however flotillas have developed into something that can also be great for the more experienced yacht charterer. Many flotillas now emphasize the socialness of the flotillas structure but also allow flexibility in what each yacht chooses to do. For example, it is possible to develop your own individual itinerary and catch up with the other boats at the beach party or night anchorage, if desired. Flotilla sailing charters are ideal for:
• Families with younger children who are able to meet and play together each evening after the day’s sail
• Those new to chartering and skippering a yacht or those who simply appreciate having a lead crew available for advice & assistance to allow a more relaxed holiday
• Those who simply enjoy the social aspect of being able to charter their own yacht, yet meet friends each evening
Yacht charter holidays may seem expensive, but compared with normal hotel prices and ferry fees, flotilla holidays are actually very cheap. The average flotilla will be made up of between half a dozen to a dozen boats and cost around 250 USD more than the normal bareboat charter fee. The majority of flotilla fleets are located in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


Article compiled by Vishwaja Salian


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