KiteSurfing: The Latest Craze in Extreme Water Sports!

Chances are you have wanted to find out what allthe buzz is about regarding the latest in extreme sports “kitesurfing”. This sport has taken over the water recreation areas of some popular beaches in Goa so that people can learn the hybrid sport of both kiting and surfing. There are many cool techniques that you can learn. These dangerous maneuvers can help you improve your surfing skills immensely. By harnessing the power of the wind and ocean, your board can reach top speeds while you fly into the air at 20 feet. There is an adrenaline rush involved for thrill seekers alike.
Kite Surfing in Goa: If you’re the sort of person who needs to be active when you’re on the beach, why not hire out a surf-board or kite-Surf equipment. Kite-surfing lessons are available from the local surf clubs along with paragliding lessons too. The beaches in Goa are long, very wide and flat. Fantastic sandy beaches with no obstacles around! The water is warm all year round. “no need for a wetsuit!” In season the sea is generally quite flat. Perfect for trying all the latest power moves. A few reefs about 400m out keep it flat but on occasions a good set of 6 foot waves are worth kite surfing or just surfing.
The wind picks up in the afternoon to 4bft and changes to side-onshore. February & March are great months with regular wind. The rest of the seasons have good winds too but not up to 4bft. The beaches in Goa are big enough for the ultimate session without the stress of gusty winds and high tides!!!
(‘The Goa International Marine & Boat Expo 2009’ that takes place from the 10th to the 13th of December, 2009, will be a classic showcase of boats from Indian and International builders, together with the latest innovations in marine equipment, supplies and services as well as exclusive indoor, outdoor and on-water display of boats and yachts. The 4 day event is not just planned as a show, but also an eventful marine festival that will attract exhibitors from all over India with seminars, workshops and interactive sessions that will help bring about awareness as well as add the element of uniqueness and fun.)

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