Kayak In A Backpack: Portable Water Sports!

Have you ever thought of carrying an entire kayak in your bag pack? With the latest inflatable kayaks you can fold and carry an entire kayak in your backpack! These kayaks have become an instant rage among people who are into kayaking. This is because adventure sports like kayaking and rafting are about being instinctive and taking quick decisions. So it becomes very easy to just leave for your destination when your heart gives you the nod because you don’t need to worry about the availability of a kayak as it is already neatly folded and packed in your bag. When you have an inflatable kayak, you have the liberty to explore, whether it is the far reaches of a calm lake or the rapids of a raging river!

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Inflatable kayaks are usually made using low stretch polyester and heavy duty rubber. The exterior is coated with 1,200 denier Nitrylon to increase its toughness. On the other hand the interior is kept simple. This reduces the weight and the packed size. Apart from the fact that they are easily portable, inflatable kayaks have many other advantages over a normal kayak. These kayaks are more stable than the usual kayaks and offer better maneuverability. Some models have fins and skegs which allow the kayak to be maneuvered easily thus allowing the paddlers to relax and appreciate the scenery around them.

Inflatable kayaks offer better storage space that enables one to store more essentials. Despite being equal to a conventional kayak in nearly every category, inflatable kayaks cost significantly less money. It’s easy to get an inflatable kayak loaded with features at a reasonable price, and even some of the larger kayaks – which seat as many as three people – can be found fully loaded for a fraction of the cost of a conventional kayak. Inflatable kayaks glide through the water with incredible ease, and paddlers will feel far less of a strain than they would.

Despite all these advantages inflatable kayaks also possess some disadvantages. Although very comfortable, you have to sit on the floor of the kayak with a backrest to lean against and you will definitely get a wet bum. Also there are certain weight restrictions. The ideal weight that the kayak can carry is 220 lbs or 100kg. Thus people of a larger frame or carrying a lot of gear may not be suited to use the inflatable kayak. Inflatable kayaks find their application in various activities like fishing, rafting, sea kayaking etc. Inflatable kayaks glide easily and offer less traction over and thus travel at a good speed. To increase the speed of the kayak a gasoline or electric powered motor can be used.

Whether you choose to turn your kayak into a sailboat, a fishing boat, or a motorboat, it’s evident that inflatable kayaks are equal or better than traditional kayaks in nearly every category and are quickly carving a name for themselves in more than just the inflatable boat industry – it’s cutting into the conventional boat industry as well!

Compiled by Vignesh Iyer


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