Alaska: Yacht Charter Destination To Visit From May To August

Pacific north-west yacht charters offer beautiful scenery and mostly protected waters. The best time of year for yacht charter in the Pacific north-west is from May to August. The most popular chartering area in North America is this cross-border region featuring the state of Washington and the province of British Columbia. Winds are rarely strong in the summer, although tidal currents can be, so it’s an ideal area for yacht charters. Often flanked by mountain peaks to the east and west, yacht charterers can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the San Juan Islands, the waterfronts of Victoria and Sidney on Vancouver Island, and the mountainous splendors to the north. The rugged coastline of 290-mile-long Vancouver Island could keep a cruiser occupied for an entire summer season.

The weather of Sitka, Alaska is extremely unpredictable and so it is best to visit these places May-June-July because the temperature here is higher at this time as compared to the rest of the year. It’s best to layer clothing with a short sleeve shirt, a sweater and a light waterproof jacket. You can easily add or peel layers depending on weather changes or your activity. Comfortable, weather resistant walking shoes are a must year-round.

The geography of the Alaskan Inside passage, stretches 1,000 miles from Puget Sound, Washington, to Skagway, Alaska. From there, thousands of glaciers line the next 500 miles around the Gulf of Alaska. In Alaska, you will be exploring on a yacht, glaciers in the background, whales breaking the surface nearby. You have to relax and enjoy the numerous islands and inlets. The tourist feels peace and serenity while his eyes feast on the unspoiled and untouched beauty.

The Inside Passage is the most popular cruising destination in Alaska from Vancouver up to the Glacier Bay national park. The tourist will witness historic and romantic scenery and the majestic wildlife: whales, eagles and bears. Wildlife abounds, Orca, Minke, or Humpback whales, black and grizzly bears on the beaches with eagles soaring overhead make everyday a new adventure. The more adventurous should head out into the North Pacific to visit Icy Bay before moving up to Prince William Sound and witnessing the huge ice face of the Columbia glacier calving enormous bergs of ice into the water. Alaska consists of LeConte Glacier which is the southernmost glacier in North America, the Tongass National Forest, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park which is a World Heritage Site given by UNESCO and Admiralty islands, that are famous for having the maximum number of Brown bears in the world. Also World class fishing, notably for salmon and halibut is found in Alaska.

Explore scenic Ogden Passage by sea kayak and shore boat, stopping for a relaxing soak at White Sulfur Hot Springs. Kayak among great rafts of sea otters making their home on this hidden secret of Southeast Alaska. Visit Gustavus for a walk on the fine sandy beaches left by the retreating glaciers following the fresh tracks of moose that abound in the area. Salmon, halibut and Dungeness crab are abundant for the angler and an optional sightseeing trip with a local bush pilot over the spectacular Glacier Bay Park is available.

Traveling here is easy; by Alaska Airlines which has daily flights to Sitka. Best buys and lookouts for the tourists here would majorly include traditional Tlingit designs in silver work, totem poles, carvings, masks and woven baskets; Russian lacquer boxes, nesting dolls, icons, and paintings; contemporary Alaskan artwork, sculpture, and wearable art; and gold nugget jewelry can be found in stores throughout the community. Visit Elfin Cove and explore the boardwalk village of artists and fisherman, bartering for fresh oysters and the catch of the day. Foodies will be thrilled to find Alaskan delicacies such as canned or smoked salmon and wild berry products. The quality and variety of items found in Sitka will keep you awestruck!

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