Maintenance + Storage Tips For Jet Skis & RIBs

Proper maintenance of marine water crafts can guarantee longer and efficient usage life. The process involves great care and a dedicated amount of time regularly.  The following steps are essential to ensure proper functioning of the Jet Ski:

Drain out excess water – Just after your ride, the first thing you should do is remove all the excess water from the engine. The best place to do this is right at the loading dock. Turn the handle back and forth to drain out the excess water while the engine is running. Also start the engine but don’t let it run for more than 30 seconds to prevent overheating.

Clean it up  –  The exteriors should be washed with same kind of soap you use for your car washing. Make sure that there is no extra water on the hull, exterior and interiors, your jet ski should be completely dry. Salt water can extensively damage the metal propulsion parts of the Jet Ski. Rinse them off after every use.

Fill up the gas tank – To prevent your jet ski from getting condensed, you must fill up the gas tank. Using a stabilizer prevents the gas from getting gummy, which can eventually clog the carburetors. Starting up the engine for 30seconds will not only allow stabilizer to work its way through the engine and the carburetors but also drains out excess water. Storage near any heat source or source of sparks is very dangerous.

Oiling – Oiling your jet ski refers to spraying of fogging oil through the carburetors and spark plug cylinders. Remove the air cleaners which will help you to spray oil directly. Start the engine and spray on carburetors and finally replace the air cleaners.  Place a rag over the holes and push the start button of the craft. This will not start the engine but will allow the oil to coat and disperse internally and gradually reinstall the spark plugs.

Remove the battery – Remove the battery by first disconnecting the negative terminal followed by the positive terminal. Check the battery and the battery charges for more instructions. Attach the battery to a trickle charger and remember to check the battery water level every month throughout the storage period.

Storage – The best way to prevent flat or corrupted trailer tires over the storing season is to take the tires off, store them indoors and use concrete blocks or a jack to hold the trailer in position. Also place steel, wood or rags to prevent animals and bugs from nesting there. Also cover your jet ski to keep it clean and protected.


Inflatable boats with rigid hulls are called RIBs (rigid inflatable boat). Properly cared for, these boats can last a very long time. Following steps will help you to take proper care of your ribs:-

  1. Firstly you need to rinse off the salt from each and every corner and just flush it off with clean fresh water.
  2.  Clean with mild detergents or degreasers and gradually coat the tubes with a high quality, UV resistant coating at least twice a year.
  3.   A clean ventilated cover and a garage is best for the storage of your rib.
  4.  You got to pay special attention on formation of mild dew which would actually spoil the looks of light colored ribs, so use some anti-mildew products designed Apply numerous times on extremely stubborn areas.
  5.  For long term storage of ribs, do not deflate. Just lower the pressure to where the boat retains its proper shape on an average cool day.

Thus, all the above steps will help you keep your RIB’s in proper condition for years to come!

Compiled by Vignesh Iyer

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