Hanse 325 : New Sailboat In The Mumbai Harbour

Sailing the Hanse 325 is a great stress buster! S  he is a 32 footer, perfectly sized if one wants to avoid the physical constraints of a big boat. Handling the Hanse is hassle free as it is ridiculously easy to sail and requires no crew. Take her out into the harbor, put her on autopilot and voila! One can sail into the sunset with family and friends while listening to music and enjoying some lip-smacking finger foods! The Hanse is small enough to easily sail and big enough to entertain. There’s never been a better time to pick up a new boat and the Hanse 325 entry-level cruiser is a must try. It is perfect if you’re new to yachting!

Experienced sailors love this little yacht’s combination of performance and comfort, and if you’re new to yachting you’ll find the Hanse 325 incredibly easy to sail. With a session or two from a sailing adviser you’ll be sailing off into the sunset with confidence! The Hanse 325’s big cockpit makes for heaps of space for you to relax and its roomy saloon comes with lots of cross ventilation. It has a huge port side storage locker for your dinghy and outboard. The Hanse self-tacking headsail for easy short or single-handed sailing simplifies your experience onboard.

The new Hanse 325 takes everything that was brilliant about the 320 and adds more! The more rounded coachroof is very pleasing to the eye and the beautiful curves of the new Ohio cherry joinery makes time below very enjoyable. As with all Hanse models, the hand built epoxy based hull is from the esteemed Judel Vrolijk design board, which means rewarding sailing with a great turn of speed! These design characteristics combined with the renowned Hanse build-quality result in a very solid cruising yacht that belies her size. More opening windows, the latest IPAD esque chart plotters from Simrad and an extended bathing platform are further improvements to this year’s model. As with all Hanse yachts it is built to your own exacting specification down to the finer details of upholstery type and colour.

Sailing the Hanse in Mumbai: It was a pleasure to sail the Hanse, an amazing adventure! Evenings are the perfect time to sail. The cool breeze and the setting sun rejuvenates your mind. Many must experience this adventure that lies just a few meters away from the polluted & noisy city. We recommend you ditch the traffic on the roads and hit the waters! As the city stands in the distance mocking the drudgery of urban living, you are glad at the convenience with which you can get away from it all for a short while. That is what sailing offers! Last but not the least, we must introduce Sunil Lobo who invited us & guided us on the sail. Without him we couldn’t have enjoyed the boat half as much! His kind hospitality completed the memorable evening.

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For specifications and more information on the Hanse 325 contact:

Ava Marine Yachts
11/4, Rustom Baug, Byculla,
Mumbai – 400 027. India.

Moblie: +91 97692 10003

Moblie: +91 98339 28287

Learn how to sail: Sunil Lobo 9820032699


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