10 Must-Have Marine Electronics

Are you planning an exciting boat or yacht expedition soon? Do you have all of your survival equipment ready to go? Good to know. Still, did you really pack everything you need? Just so you know, there are many cool marine electronics that you might have overlooked. Here are 10 great ideas…

10. Water Makers
Water makers are marine electronics that let you turn ocean water (which is much too salty for consumption) into fresh drinkable water. Portable and hand-operated water makers are important gadgets, especially for extended trips when fresh bottled water runs short.

9. Marine Satellite TV Antennas
You can watch satellite TV on your boat or yacht with a crystal clear reception thanks to satellite technology. Satellite TV antennas connect to an orbiting satellite bringing you the best in movies, sports packages, educational content and premium channels. Some antennas are even weather resistant.

8. Marine GPS System
Want to know where you are and how to find your way back? Of all the marine electronics you can collect, this one is probably the most important item. This little gadget, also capable of bringing back information on tide and incoming vessels, can prevent you from being lost at sea, and frankly, stop you from going mad.

7. Fish Finders
If you are going fishing then why not maximize your fishing time and reduce your traveling time? Fish finders can track fish by way of sonar and sound echoing technology. That way you can tell when you are close to catching something big, or are in the middle of nowhere fishing for shoes.

6. Autopilots
What about those marine electronics that let the computer steer and move the ship? Some of the best new autopilots can even control your boat or yacht if there are high winds or powerful waves striking. These devices can actually adjust for the changes and comfortably bring you home with a little help from a GPS system.

5. Marine Stereos
Now you can listen to your favorite songs aboard ship and drown out all that repetitive wave noise. Not only can you play CDs, tapes and local radio stations, but you can also listen to your MP3s, your iPod songs and even satellite radio with its hundreds of digital channels. This is marine electronics entertainment at its best!

4. Marine Radars
What’s that ahead? Even if you can’t see or hear a thing, electromagnetic waves can be sent out and reflected back to you, in the process returning data on land, approaching storms, high tides or other vessels. If the GPS system helps you to remember where you are, then know that the marine radar can help you keep track of what’s ahead.

3. Marine Computers with Internet
Did you know that you can buy special waterproof computers that will not be affected by rain or sudden boat flooding? Don’t take any risks by bringing a laptop on board nor should you miss out on Internet services email, web news and of course, live video chatting.

2. Marine Phones
A list of the best marine electronics has to include marine phones, which are satellite phones that can connect to a satellite orbiting the earth. These phones are ideal for emergency situations and are actually more reliable than cell phones in many ways.

1. Night Vision
Now you can see everything out on the ocean, even at night! With night-optic marine electronics devices you can see through storms or even passed the darkest of horizons. Hey, isn’t that the Loch Ness Monster?

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