Ultimate Floating Solutions For Your Entertainment

Enjoy a bright sunny Sunday by staring down at the sparkling blue waters of a lake and sipping your favorite drink alongside your spouse while the children are having fun splashing nearby! You no longer need to go to a water park or a resort to experience it. With the new range of utility floats you can now enjoy all the experiences you could at a water resort. Drop the float in your pool and get ready to experience the comfort. Aviva, a manufacturer of such floats have launched a wide range of floats which can be used for various purposes. The following are some products which solve multiple purposes.
1. Inflatable Aqua Bar Water accessory: The four-seater float allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink without leaving the cool water. It is inflated with the help of an electric pump. Consists of a cooler compartment and built in cup holders. Ideally it’s built for people of the age groups of 14 and above. The cost of this is Rs 2200.

  1. Challenger 1-pedal boat :  This 1 seater float helps you cruise around your pool and enjoy the cool water. It’s designed to carry only one person weighing 100 pounds or less. Has a steering that helps you navigate right and left. It is very easy to operate and safe. The pedal control can be used to steer the boat or it can be used by simply by leaning right or left. Easy to operate and use this also comes at a reasonable rate of Rs 1785.
  2. Inflatable Double pool lounger:  The two seater float is perfect for having face-to-face conversations while remaining submerged in the pool. The float has head rest pillows and a centre compartment for the storage of beverages, magazines and sunglasses. Ideally suited for people of age groups 9 and above. At Rs 1750 the pool lounger offers you a great comfort.


  1. Ultimate floating lounger :  Relax in cushioned comfort this season with the ultimate floating lounge chair. This inflatable lounger features head, arm and float rests complete with a drink holder for quenching summer thirsts. Static and immovable the longer has the capacity to withstand up to 200 pounds. This comes with a price tag of Rs 3900.
  2. Slider Island inflatable toy: Adds the fun element to your float collection. While you are relaxing on the lounger the kids can enjoy their time with the Island inflatable toy. The slide adds to the fun as the children enjoy splashing the most. The toy comes in various sizes depending on the size of the slider. The small size inflatable slider starts at a price range of Rs 2500.

So as you see there is something for all the members of the family to enjoy. Your perfect Sunday morning along the poolside can be made even more perfect with these additions.

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Compiled by Vignesh Iyer


Aquaglide has similar float sloutions to offer! Quality, innovation, performance and style are the benchmarks of the range of water sports products from world-renowed Aquaglide. Completely safe, they re-define the traditional market of water sports equipment, with relaxation & excitement in water, alike!

  • Aquaglide provide towables, convertibles, multisport, leisure loungers for water.
    • Made of Hypolin (unlike PVC), they have a life time warranty on the product
    • The response has been tremendous for these products. Owning to the demand, our new division – Litmus Water Sports is catering specifically to it

To purchase Aquaglide in India, contact Litmus International.

Contact Us:

Sales Enquiry: P: 022-25204497; F: 022-25207284;

Mr.Vishal Patalay, Manager Marketing (+91 9819944061)

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visit us at: http://www.litmusinternational.com/

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