Double The Fun With Sealver’s Jet Ski Boats

The Jet Ski is great for adventure sports and if attached to a rigid inflatable boat (RIB), the fun doubles with a 2 in 1 watercraft. The combination offers both a jet ski and a jet boat! This enables a group of people to enjoy an outing on a jet ski! Sealver brings you this unique concept in three of their models which range from detachable RIB to fibreglass boats: Wave Boat 525, Wave Boat 575 and Wave Boat 656

Wave Boat 525, is produced in France by Sealver. It is a boat that uses a PWC as the engine and direction to give the opportunity to combine both calm and dynamic activities and share good times with family and friends. The Wave Boat 525 can be used for up to 6 people cozily seated on the jet ski and the boat. The Wave Boat was designed to offer an unforgettable experience of navigation and offers comfortable open space to share good times together. This 5,25 m long hull doubles the fun of your boat rides with family & friends. Your 525 is perfect for sun bathing, picnics and relaxing. An ingenious system of slides gives you the option to detach your jet ski and go for a ride.

Wave Boat 575 is a rigid inflatable boat conceived by Sealver. It’s 5.75 m long and easily transportable. It caters to the recreational and professional boater and offers very good sailing stability and flexibility even in rough seas. The PWC is both the engine and the direction of the Wave Boat 575. It becomes a real adventurer, the best partner to spend good times with friends, fishing, scuba diving, rubber ring or skiing. Wave Boat 575 comes with a range of accessories to choose from!

Wave Boat 656 offers more space, 6.56 m long it can accommodate 7 people on board. Sealver Wave Boat 656 makes your nautical activities even more enjoyable. Everything becomes possible, sunbathing on the boat, Jet Skiing. The Wave Boat 656 offers the possibility to detach the Jet Ski from the boat and go for a ride while people can stay on board sun bathing, everything is made to give you more space, storage boxes and many option possible. The hull designed by the renowned architect Exequiel Cano Lanza offers a very open and cozy space, effective seas spray protection. Come on board with family or friend and enjoy the pleasures that your Wave Boat 656 offers.

Sealver is now available in India with SS Marine.

Contact Information
SS Marine,
Reg. Office: 2/714/A, Anandi Niwas,
Near Water Tank,
New Vaddem, Vasco-Da-Gama,
Goa- 403802
Phone No.: +91 832 2528012,
Mobile No : +91 9422641419,
Fax : +91 832 2528012,
Email :


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