31st NIEC 2012 – Mecca Of All Sailing Events In India

The 31st National Inland Enterprise Championship (NIEC) will be organized at the Watermanship Training Centre, Peacock Bay (National Defence Academy) from 02 to 06 June 2012. The event will be organized by the Naval Training Team of NDA under the aegis of Yachting Association of India (YAI) and National Enterprise Association (NEA). The event is the biggest of its kind to be held in an inland lake. Known amongst the sailing community, as the “Mecca” of all sailing events in the country, the event will be conducted at the Peacock Bay, a place of scenic beauty and harmony with nature, located at the foothills of the historic and famous landmark of Singhgad fort.

The event will see a lot of young sailors who would be competing in the adventurous and thrilling sport of sailing. It will be a unique confluence of the young with the old, the wannabes and the achievers, the amateurs and the professionals with the aim of competing for the winning the nationals. The teams would be segregated into Golden and Silver Fleets respectively with the top 40 teams in the Golden Fleet and the rest in the Silver Fleet. NIEC will see participation of over 12 clubs from various parts of the country including clubs from Pune city. More than eighty boats are expected compete with around 160 participants vying for glory.

Some of the major clubs participating are Bombay Sailing Association (BSA), Royal Bombay Yachting Club (RBYC), Colaba Sailing Club (CSC), clubs from Mumbai, Vishakapatnam and Kochi, Army Yachting Node (AYN), Tamil Nadu Sailing Association (TNSA), Goa Sailing Club (GNASC), Kerala Yachting Association (KYA) and Trishna Sailing Club (TSC). There are a total of 05 clubs from Pune viz NDA Sailing club, CME Sailing Club, No 1 Maharashtra NU NCC Unit, Pune District Board Sailing Association and Inland Water Sailing Association. A number of national and international champions are expected to gather to come together and help provide a launching pad for the young novices in the sport of sailing.

NDA would be providing the participants with lodging and boarding facilities and the complete infrastructure required for such a mammoth event thereby providing a big fillip to the sport of sailing. The Watermanship Training Centre, Peacock Bay is the largest club in Asia for the Enterprise class of boats with about 60 boats in its inventory.

The NDA sailing club is also known to be the nursery for sport of sailing in the country with numerous sailors going on to bring international recognition and laurels to the country. NDA is playing a big part in nurturing the young talent in sailing and has been conducting the event for the last 30 years. Member clubs of National Enterprise Association(NEA) are allowed to participate and can contact the NDA sailing club at ntt_nda@yahoo.com for any additional information and for participation next year. Lt Gen Jatinder Singh AVSM ,Bar, SM Commandant of NDA will declare the championship open!




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