J/70 Speedster- The NextGen Family Trailer Sailor

The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keel boat – designed to fulfill the growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough sailboat for the family, and built to last. With fleet discussions are underway around the world, J/70 is on-track to take the world by storm! Why hoose a J/70? It’s manageable. There’s no fore deck work, no hoisting at the mast, everything is done from the cockpit, which you’ll find surprisingly roomy. The spinnaker sits nicely in the hatch so that when you’re ready to launch, simply throw it up and wind in the furling jib. The J/70 is available with either a petrol or electric 2.5hp utboard engine, which is accounted for in the racing class rules. The small cabin below is a bonus, and provides weather protection, a place to nap and personal privacy… essential to keeping everyone happy if spending a day on the water. And, for children safety is paramount.

The J/70 one-design class rules provide for a 2.5 hp outboard engine (gas or electric). This means one can sail further away from homeport without worrying about paddling home or hailing for a tow. Race Committees can start aces on time and finish them later in the day without having to arrange towboats.

For J Boats in India, contact: Lobo Sailing and Yachting Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil: +91 9820032699
Ayesha: +91 9930194695



Learn how to sail on J boats with Lobo Sailing and yachting Pvt. Ltd.’s sailing school.

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