Mister Comfort – Feel The Cool On Your Boat!

Sailing, driving, or just sitting idle at home in the summer is a torture. But now there is no need to worry about the heat. There’s a cool new way to enjoy all the outdoor activities. Hot days will be cooler with Mister Comfort. Mister Comfort is an outdoor misting system which provides hours of refreshing cool mist that lowers the surrounding air temperature by at least 25 degrees. The remaining mists form a cool curtain of fine mist that acts as a barrier and separates you from the summer heat.

This system is specially designed for boats, patios, RVs i.e. recreational vehicles and a portable model for everywhere else. Mister Comfort can be installed in minutes and it can be done by oneself. It is durable and non-corrosive and UV resistant material will allow years of services.

Misting systems can be installed on any size of boats. One can stay cool docked at the marinas, fishing on the flats or anchored in calm waters. Mister comfort also designs custom misting system for yachts. All the components are designed in such a manner that it creates no harm to marine environment.  Installing a marine misting system is easy. Mister Comfort also comes in Portable Misting System which is a uniquely designed self-contained misting system.

Portable misting system can be used in situation where there is no pressure of water as it contains eight gallons of water. It proves perfect for picnics, beach parties, take it on your boat or use it in the backyard or anywhere you need to stay cool. Here the mist is generated by drawing the water from a water tank, pressurizing it and then delivering it to the misting heads. The Portable Misting System comes complete with wheels and a folding handle for easy transport.

One can use the portable misting system by cooling down your tent in less than 5 minutes. Simply setup your tent, wheel the Portable Misting System in place, clip the misting heads around the perimeter of the tent canopy and turn on the mist, thus provides hours of refreshing mist. Mister Comfort is designed to simply install in your RVs awning to provide hours of comfort during hot days. It has proved that by installing Mister Comfort in RVs people have enjoyed their recreational experience even at scorching sun.

The standard RV awnings of 12’-14′ only require 3 misting heads to cover the entire area. RVs with larger awnings will require a simple expansion misting head kit. Those larger awnings are custom designed by simply adding the appropriate number of misting heads. On a hot summer day, Mister Comfort can really make the heat manageable.

View how easy it is to set up Mister Comfort on your boat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK-Fng1B8AE

It is perfect for backyard patios, pool areas, outdoor deck areas, outdoor restaurants or any area requiring a cool misting sensation.  It can be simply installed to the overhead patio support, handrail, or deck floor and easily attached to the water faucet garden hose through a specially designed quick connect feature. Mister Comfort has made things easier in every possible way. The new technique will act as blockade and would manage to separate us from summer.

Compiled by Vishwaja Salian

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