Safety Just Got Lighter With DECKVEST LITE

An independent and innovative company, Spinlock, known for its expertise in rope holding for sailing boats from dinghies up to the largest super yachts is in this league for the past thirty years. Spinlock premiered the newest addition to their extremely successful line of Deckvests, the Deckvest LITE a completely new and personal life jacket harness which has overall brought a good attitude towards sea safety. Power or sail, amateur professional or commercial marine, wearing a well-fitting personal life jacket has become very normal.

Good fitting, striking colours, unique tapering shape, fast adjustments and anti-snag detailing creates a clean and excitingly-different look of Deckvest Lite. It is considered as the new solution for the faster day-sailing applications where lightness and agility really matter. Deckvest is designed basically for inshore and coastal sailing, Deckvest proves comfortable for dinghy racers and sailors who don’t like to wear a bulky life jacket. Besides these, it is also made for RIBS as well as motor boating and other water activities. The weight savings on the LITE comes from the removal of the integrated harness, spray hood, and emergency light unlike normal lifejacket. There is a flat spot on the front of the vest where you can clip on a radio or other handheld device like a GPS, which is a nice feature to keep your hands free.


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As its name implies, the Deckvest LITE is lightweight and super minimal. Deckvest won’t trouble you at any point of sailing. In fact it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The Deckvest LITE will be available in 4 colors black, blue, white, and yellow. It’s the most basic automatic lifejacket you’ll probably get and because of its good features it has made an impression on the Marine Industry by winning the DAME award for the Life Saving and Safety Equipment Category at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) which was hosted in Amsterdam.

DAME Awards are the Design Awards given out yearly at the METS.  Awards are given out over 8 categories with 1 overall winner by a jury. Winners are based on design, styling, and quality of construction, overall impact on the marine industry, level of innovation, cost effectiveness, and favorable environmental impact.

With the nominees coming from 10 nations, entries from 21 countries, Spinlock’s Deckvest LITE shined in the safety category. Dame Award judges recognized the new Deckvest LITE as setting a new quality standard in fast power craft and inshore sailing safety. Besides these, Spinlock have been supplying specially-badged Deckvest LITE lifejackets for Toe in the Water, a UK armed services charity. Toe in the Water aims to inspire men and women to overcome their disability and become re-inspired by life. Competitive sailing is a physically and mentally challenging adventurous sport and provides a unique opportunity for injured men and women to sail and race on equal terms with their able bodied contemporaries.

Compiled By Vishwaja Salian

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