Festival Of Sails: Celebrating The City’s Open Spaces

The Mumbai Festival of Sails is a proposed two-week long festival to be held at the end of each year comprising, in large part, a series of daylong exciting sail boat races to be conducted on the waters opposite the Gateway of India. Spectator boats and ferries will take citizens of the city to the race course, and with the aid of suitable on board commentary and video coverage, explain the event, sharing the thrill and excitement of sailboat racing. This year the festival is being held from the 18th-25th of December, 2012, and features:

  • 420 Harbor Cup & INWTC Match Racing Cup: 18-21 DEC.
  • Laser Coastal National Championship: 21-25 DEC.
  • Away all Sails, Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony: 25th DEC.

Mumbai is practically surrounded by water, and it is this geographic feature that defines the city. Water is the city’s biggest and cleanest open space.

The Festival of Sails, Mumbai 2012 celebrates this heritage. the Festival includes several sailing races held on the waters opposite the Gateway of India. These on water races will serve as the focal point of several other allied cultural events on the waterfront.

The objectives of the Mumbai Festival of Sails is

  • To Create awareness and an appreciation for the city’s physical and cultural maritime heritage.
  • To create a hub for the promotion of tourism and allied industry.
  • To promote Mumbai as a world class sailing destination
  • To develop and popularize water sports and water based leisure activity.
  • To encourage international and interstate sailors in Mumbai.
  • To develop the Mumbai Festival of Sails as a Permanent and Annual event on the

The Festival of Sails is promoted by the Festival of Sails Trust, Mumbai. (Registration in process)



C/O 414, Dalamal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.




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