New! Fishing Tackle In India @ Casa Ibrahim

Flap Jack: The Strike Pro Flapjack has an incredible action. It’s vibration and sound draws fish in from great distances. It is a great lure for Large mouth,Small mouth, and Walleye. It is also a deadly bait in saltwater for Speckled Trout, Red fish, Stripers, and even Bluefish. The Strike Pro Flapjack can be casted or slow trolled or even jigged. The Flapjack features VMC 9650BN hooks and superior stainless steel split rings. The Strike Pro Flapjack is definitely a very versatile bait for freshwater and saltwater. And with Strike Pros’s superior paint finish, you can’t go wrong. Give one a try, you won’t be dissatisfied.

EG-128D     9cm    31.6g    Sinking


SHRIMP: A realistic Shrimp/ Prawn imitation which has been designed to suspend at 2ft. This lure has been proven deadly when fishing over shallow flats or over the top of weed beds on a number of estuary and freshwater species. Features Owner Treble hooks.

Length: 5cm         Weight: 3.2g          Type: Suspending
Dives to approximate 2ft.

Speedstar carbon fibre telescopic spinnning rod is the ultimate in telescopic spinning rods when it comes to performance at a budget price. This rod is the best selling rod preferred by even the most hardcore anglers for its superb balance,light weight and flexibility yet strong enough to fight even large sized catfishes.
Suitable for both freshwater and inshore saltwater angling it has been the most successful rod in the telescopic range. This rod comes in a black coloured cloth bag.

SPEEDSTAR    FIVE             MEDIUM    20G TO 50G                8FT.
SPEEDSTAR    SIX                MEDIUM    20G TO 50G                10FT.


Our products include a variety of fishing tackle:

Rods and reels: We have spinning rod and reel combos, spinning rods, boat rods, surf rods, baitcasting rods, jigging rods, trolling rods, fly rods, interline rods, telescopic rods, spinning reels, surf reels, baitcasting reels, trolling reels, level wind reels, line counter levelwind reels, fly reels.

Lines: Monofilament lines, hybrid lines, fluorocarbon lines, braided lines, hyper lines.

Lures: trolling lures, jigs, spinners, poppers, vibrating lures, swimbaits, soft baits, multi-jointed lures, squid jigs, shrimps.

Hooks: commercial hooks, bait –holder hooks, stainless steel hooks, chinu hooks, treble hooks, sabikis.

Rigging accessories: Swivels, snaps, rolling inter-snaps, split rings, split shots, wire leaders, double sleeves.

Accessories: Rod racks, tackle boxes, Fishing headlamps, floats, crimping pliers, hand castors.


Phone : 0832-2512643
Mobile: 09822127186
Contact person: Mr. Nasir Shaik.

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