Boat Cleaning Tips For The New Boat Owner

Keeping your boat clean is indeed an important aspect of boat ownership, but nowadays due to the availability of extremely useful products there is no necessity to spend several tedious hours keeping your craft looking brand new. The boater should develop a routine to clean his boat after every trip. Here are some tips to help clean your boat the “smarter” way instead of the “harder” one.


Select the right cleaning equipment
You should choose the right kind of equipment for cleaning the boat. The brushes should be  sturdy and have stiff bristles that can withstand saltwater and repeated use. Washing pads and mops, sponges etc. along with a bucket has to be kept handy for cleaning purposes. The cleaning agents also have to be chosen according to the material used to make the boat. The agents should not be extremely concentrated because that could lead to abrasions on the coat of the boat.

Select a good soap
For marine use, you’ll want to select a soap that will be tough on dirt, grime, salt and fish blood, yet easy on the environment. It is especially important to use soap and fresh water to completely remove the corrosive salt build-up that can eat away at your boat. Super concentrated cleaners when used for long periods of time can prove extremely dangerous for the gel coat of the boat.

Get ready for the cleaning process

Having the right equipment makes cleaning the boat extremely easy. Before you think about applying any cleaning agents make sure you rinse the entire boat off completely. Whatever you do, never scrub a dry boat or you will risk damaging the finish or gel coat. If you try to apply soap and water to the entire boat at once, portions may dry before you can get around to them for scrubbing. If you have an outboard-powered boat, don’t forget to lather up and rinse off the motor where corrosive salt and dirt tends to accumulate. For deck cleaning use hydrogen peroxide solution. After drying the boat, you can use wax and coat the boat in order to maintain the shine of the fiberglass. For cleaning the windows, a solution of water and vinegar can be used. The windows have to be cleaned with soft cloths in order to avoid scratches.

Taking care of the metal and the wood
There are many quality cleaners available for keeping the stainless steel on your boat protected, shiny and bright. After applying a light film on your bright work, let sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then, wipe off with a clean cloth. If you have teak on your boat, regular care will be required to maintain the original rich color and protect the wood. For various reasons, it’s best to varnish your teak. Instead, wash it off with the mild detergent, rinse, dry, and apply teak oil. If the teak is worn and has lost some of its color, rub it gently with sandpaper. The carpet flooring should be vacuum cleaned every two to three trips. Also the engine should be checked and annual servicing for the engine is extremely important.

The above steps are extremely useful to keep your boat serviced, clean and ready for the next trip. Do Contact Us for yacht and boat maintenance services or checkout companies who have registered with us on this link:


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