Catamaran Charters With Blue Bay Marine In Mumbai: High On Fun & Safety!

A charter aboard a cruising catamaran is like a little bit of heaven.  Sail, swim, laugh a lot, feel the soft breeze on your face and see the sunsets and the romance of spectacular night skies. A fully crewed catamaran with special food and beverages and a range of water toys gives you a yacht charter to remember. It’s all planned just the way you want it! If you are bringing with you a party of first-time sailors, or older people, or people who could feel apprehensive at sea, you probably will better off with a cat for its always an enjoyable and safer experience to be on a catamaran!

Nowhere is the popularity of catamarans more obvious than as charter boats, for they now dominate the market. Indeed the vast majority of new production catamarans are now designed for chartering rather than for family cruising. And best of all – it offers eco friendly cruising.

Successful charter boats are really just floating hotels; somewhere to spend a few nights while you see the sights. Many couples share their charter with friends, so quite reasonably all want the same personal space. A basic room mini-bar, coffee maker and microwave are enough for the coffees and breakfasts you’re likely to make while aboard.

Catamarans offer level sailing, hence there’s greater comfort and is less tiring, also seasickness is reduced significantly. Because catamarans have a shallow draft (how much water they need to float in) you can go and cruise and anchor in areas that mono-hull sailboats  can’t get into.


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Another great advantage is the great 360 degree view you have from most catamaran bridge decks. On a cat you usually have a full view of the anchorage, other boats, general going ons, and enjoy the scenery while dining, writing, or reading a book. Because of the large wide deck areas there is a real feeling of space when outside on a cat, from the wide cockpit where you can set up a deck chair or hammock to the bow nets.

There are many safety advantages to a catamaran. Even if holed and flooded by collision or a broken sea cock, a cat will continue float. Catamarans don’t sink, and because of its level sailing there’s a lesser risk of being thrown overboard.

Catamaran charters in Mumbai can take 10 to 25 persons and start at INR 30,000/- for 3 hours. Special packages of 12 hours at INR 90,000/- are also available. Catamarans make for ideal yacht vacations and fishing trips. Spend a couple of hours in the Mumbai harbour enjoying the sunset or take a holiday aboard these spectacular cats – sail to Goa or the Maldives and back with your family and friends! Catamarans usually carry a wide selection of water toys – from paddle boards to kayaks and water skis. A Catamaran charter is a perfect choice for people who enjoy a variety of water sports as well.

Blue Bay Marine specializes in Yacht Charters for all occasions. If you are looking to make a purchase, they offer Yacht Purchase Consultation and can get you the best boat @ the best deal!

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