Rent Boats & Boutique Villas In Alibaug For The Summer

It’s an out-of-the-world experience just 20 minutes from the city. Luxurious Mediterranean style boutique villas in Alibaug are available on rent and make for that perfect weekend out in the summer holidays. A quick speed boat ride will whisk you away from the Gateway of India to the village of Mandwa across the Mumbai harbour.

These Mediterranean style villas have swimming pools too but also make for an ideal beach holiday. The villas are situated among trees and bougainvillea with comfortable living space, beautifully designed interiors and calming scenery. They provide an ideal escape from the bustling city life.

Some villas offer you luxuries like a spa for reflexology treatments, shiatsu, swedish aromatheraphy and balinese treatments. They have fully equipped indoor and outdoor kitchens, board games for the entire family, DVD player, a music system for ipods with speakers outdoors and a standby generator.


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What’s more? Water sports just off the Mandwa jetty completes your beach holiday. With packages in kayaking, Kitesurfing, Jetski, Banana Boat, Tube rides and more, take back fun filled memories with your entire family. Spruce up your Villa vacation with fishing trips or sailboat charters. Explore islands and sea life near by and along the coast.

And if you want to spend a relaxed laid back time, the delicious Malwani cuisine will surely keep you coming back to these exotic villas every weekend! Lastly to make your weekend even more luxurious, travel in style aboard a luxury Motor Yacht.

It may not be as fast as a speedboat and may take upto 40 minutes to reach, but the amenities and living space onboard makes it a time well spent in the cool breeze of the open sea!
If you would like to book a villa in Alibaug or charter speedboats to travel to mandwa, view packages available in Mumbai here: or mail us your inquiry at

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