7 Day Explorer Kite Trip By KitesurfIndia: They Found Wind In India!

Kiteboarding is the ultimate water sport! The speed of water-skiing, the tricks of
wakeboarding, the carving turns of surfing, the quiet freedom of sailing, and the jumping and flying that out does them all. Some people call it Kiteboarding, others called it kitesurfing. The words are pretty much used interchangeably. Other names for the sport include Wave-kiting; this term generally refers to people kiting with Surfboards, and Kite-Skimming; kiting with your skimboard.  no footstraps, and no fins!

The first time you hold onto a one of those monster kites you’re sure to get instantly hooked, and that’s by just standing on the beach! Holding onto the power of a kite  that big, while watching it float 90 feet above your head is all it takes! Kiteboarding has all the ingredients to maximize the fun-factor.

The gear is simple and compact, the kite easily folds up to fit into a back pack and the board is light weight and fits under one arm. A Harness around your waist, and a Carbon Control Bar with lines completes the set up. Ride in light or strong winds, flat water or waves, Insane aerial maneuvers or just cruising… All of this combined with a relatively short learning curve equals to “Huge Fun”!!!

A fantastic way to learn, practice or better your skills in Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing. This trip has the perfect balance of giving you the opportunity to practice kiteboarding in flat waters or surf. You can take lessons from our qualified Kitesurfing Instructors, rent equipment or bring your own. The Kiteboarding trip is planned for you in a way that theres plenty time for Kiteboarding as well as exploring the beautiful country India.

Since our locations are remote there is a level of authenticity in the trip that other touristy location cannot match. All this with really comfortable accommodation because we know what happens after an epic day in the surf- a hot shower, great meal & a soft bed- we have that too all in style!

The project KitesurfIndia is organised & run by our team at Quest Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Quality checked adventure sports & travel company based out of Mumbai city in India with a branch offices in Goa & Pune city. Colourful, Vibrant & Enchanting describes best this country’s coastline & we found Wind, Lagoons & Point breaks for surf. Come join us as we take you on an extremely special journey mixed with things you love, great kitesurf spots, awesome scenery, vibrant culture, great food & accomodation.

It’s a herculean task to find those perfect spots & locations. We look for lagoons, flat water & awesome waves but not just that. There are things like atmospheric accommodation, yummy & nutritious food, transport & places to explore. We work hard exploring, seeking & organising the perfect kiteboarding trip for all types of travellers, if you just want to learn kiteboarding or for the pro athlete trying to get bigger air!

Trip outline:

Day 1 Arrival transfer to your hotel in Kovalam

Day 2 Transfer to our Kiteboarding spot

Day 3 At the Lagoon

Day 4 Kite trip

Day 5 At the Lagoon

Day 6 Afternoon transfer to Kovalam hotel

Day 7 Checkout after breakfast

Duration: 7 Days

USD 500 per person on twin share basis

USD 750 for single room supliment

USD 350 Kite equipment hire for the trip

USD 400 Kiteboarding lessons 10 hours (inclusive of gear)

Accommodation style: Comfort & Heritage

All Meals: Included Day 2 to 6

Starts/Ends: Trivandrum Airport (Thiruvananthampuram, Kerala)

Season: December to June

Epic Season: February to June

For more information visit http://kitesurfindia.com/7-day-explorer-kite-trip/

If you would like to know more on Water Sports in India & Mumbai visit

http://www.indiayachtpage.com/archives/product/water-sports-sailing or mail us your inquiry at


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