Yacht Marinas & Waterfront Real Estate Come To India

Imagine holidaying where Yachts are docked at a riverfront or seafront villa and hotels in India! “Many of India’s upper middle class have experienced yachting overseas and are willing to pay the price to experience it in India. Many real estate developers have riverfront and bay-front land parcels but they are yet to encash the true potential of their land. When a yacht marina is developed on the waterfront it brings with it a superlative leisure lifestyle and sporting enjoyment that typically generates a 20-50% premium on sale prices for the real estate developer.  Land adjacent a marina is quite definitely the most attractive opportunity for Developers, Investors, and Operators.”  So said Simon Arrol, international Marina Guru and Technical Director of Marina India
Infrastructure. Marina India Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, an affiliate of Arrol Ltd whose Principal recently played a major role in the development of marinas at Palm Island and Festival City in Dubai, as well as in 31 other countries, has entered the Indian market and will soon be starting work on projects identified near Mumbai and in Goa.

“We have identified sites near Mumbai in Goa for waterfront Marina real estate development and are currently negotiating with land bankers and developers. Moreover, modern Marinas use floating jetties which are environment friendly and do not face the environmental hurdles normally encountered with the building of wharves and quay walls”, he added. Gautama Dutta, Managing Director of Marina India, continued.  “Across the world yacht mooring rates have kept well ahead of inflation during the past two decades and have proven to be almost immune to economic recession.  And in good times or bad, but
especially in bad times, waterfront real estate always enjoys the highest levels of demand and price premium. Hence there is a huge opportunity for property developers in India to attract the elite and get a super premium value for their real estate.” “If one analyzes property rate trends across around the world there is a clear cut premium of 20-50% for the Marina-facing properties”, said Atul Khekade, Principal of Netz Capital Advisors LLP which advises real estate companies about financing and developing such projects. “Dubai is the nearest centre of marina development to Mumbai, and there the famous Palm Island and Dubai Marina projects are evidence of this uplift in value that is created by the imaginative use of water and Marinas.”

Referring to the Indian market Arrol remarked, “Given the country’s huge population and the rapidly growing upper middle class, I foresee that the demand for marina berths will always exceed availability.  I reckon that my marinas in Mumbai and Goa will be full within two years of completion.  The growing number of yachts anchored off Gateway of India is evidence of the latent demand.” “We have been exploring an option to develop a Marina at our waterfront land near Mumbai. Nowadays premium projects need amenities like Golf Courses and Marinas to sell”, said a leading Pune based Real Estate Developer.

Headquartered in Colaba, Mumbai, the company is trailblazing marinas and waterfronts across India.  All the directors are highly experienced in the yachting sector, having had wide international exposure.

See the Capability Presentation at www.marina-india.com

Simon Arrol +971 50 784 6470
Gautama Dutta +91 98 21 167 253
Atul Khekade +91 98 20 372 810

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