Best Of ‘Kattu Marams’ Aka Catamarans In India

Catamarans are one of the oldest and most popular sailing vessels in history. Their simple and unique design has enabled them to be both swift and stable as they move through the water. A catamaran is composed of two hulls secured together by a frame and was originally created by the Paravas people on the coast of Tamil Nadu, India. The swift sailing vessels were used during the fifth century A.D. to overtake various lands including Burma, India and Malaysia. In fact, the word catamaran originates from the Tamil word kattu which means to tie and maram meaning wood. In the 1690’s an adventurer by the name of William Dampier traveled to Tamil Nadu in the Southeastern coast of India. It was there that he observed the unique and swift sailing vessel referred to as a kattu in Tamil and as a catamaran on the coast of Coromandel.

Catamarans are dual hulled sailing vessels that come in a wide range of sizes. There are beach cats that are small catamarans and there are mega and super cats which are larger vessels. The catamaran is used for a wide variety of reasons including leisure and sports activities as well as for commercial and naval purposes. Catamarans continue to remain one of the most popular and widely used sailing vessels in the world today. Some of  the best brands are now available in India for purchase as well as charter. They are listed below.

A Nautitech catamaran is a yacht  with the perfect combination of comfort, performance and aesthetic quality. Their reputation for safe sound boats has, for a long time, overstepped all boundaries. The early charter business proving highly successful, half the current production now sails in the hands of well-informed owners. Exclusive versions offer a very high level of quality and finish. Thanks to controlled production scaled to the size of  their yard, they favour customer proximity, which is an additional guarantee for owners.
Range : Nautitech 40, 441, 442, 47, 54.
NEW IN 2011 : NAUTITECH 541/542

For more info on Nautitech in India contact West Coast Marine Yacht Services:

Tel. 022 2285 6127 / 022 2283 1495 or Fax. 022 2282 9602
Website: Email:


Fountaine Pajot is the world’s number one builder of cruising catamarans and has consistently set industry standards for excellence since its establishment in France in 1976. From two impressive sites in France (8000m² at La Rochelle and 13000m² at Aigrefeuille), Fountaine Pajot builds an exclusive range of sailing catamarans and its Trawler range of power catamarans. Over the years Fountaine Pajot catamarans have developed an unrivaled reputation due to their innovative design, superior handling, exceptional seaworthiness and cruising comfort. For more information on the Fountaine Pajot in India contact Marine Solutions:

Ms. Anju Dutta, Ms. Lopeni Kikon
Mobile: +91 (0) 9821912932, +91 (0) 9920204080


Alliaura Groupe Marine introduces you to the feeling of the ocean with their range of  Feeling  sailing yachts & the Privilege of cruising the seven seas with their range of catamarans.Over the past 25 years construction of over 2800 yachts has earned Alliaura Marine (originally based in Vendee, France) a leading reputation for quality, precision and style in yacht design and construction. In addition to the Privilege catamarans, Alliaura is also known for the Feeling Fin Keel and Lift Keel monohull sailing yachts, the Transcat 48 power catamaran and the Tresco Line speedboats (ideal for day use and/or as mega yacht tenders). For more info on Alliaura in India contact Royal Yachts & Cruiser:

Contact Person: Francis M. Noronha

Mobile No:    +91-98210 13896


SeaCat32 By India Boat Builder Multi Tech Marine
The perfect blend of stability and budget. These catamarans can reach speeds of up to 20 knots and are built with the highest quality of fibre glass material. The SeaCat32 carries up to 25 persons in sea conditions and more in flat water. Ideal for charter in the version built, the SeaCat 32 comes with a hard top and entrance from the mid ships , thus easy entry off jetties . Highly efficient hulls need less power hence results are the same as experimental crafts and there are no production hulls in the world which give the efficiency – twin 40 hp 4 strokes give 25 knots! For more info on the SeaCat32 contact:

Goa – Mr. Maneck Contractor
+91 0832 2279894 / +91 9822127151

Mumbai – Mr. Phiroze Contractor
+91 22 23720603 / +91 9769210003

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