India Yacht Page Performance Report 2012-13

India Yacht Page started off the 2012-13 boating season on a progressive note by communicating with and visiting international boat shows and gathering trends and developments in boating from around the world. Insights from the way boating advances in other nations can throw light on the way ahead for the boating industry in India. In order for India’s boating industry to grow and prosper, it must take example from its international contemporaries. International trends in boating gives one perspective on what’s happening in other countries and how India can gain from this extremely beneficial socio-economic recreation and sport – boating. CLICK HERE to read more on our visit to the Auckland On-Water Boat Show in September’12.

To view more images, visit: Auckland On-Water Boat Show 2012 (72 photos)

In our annual performance report we not only share with you statistics gathered through our website but also give you information on the going ons in the boating market in India. They are listed below as follows:

IYP Report via Google Analytics

India Yacht Page has out performed itself this year with an increase of unique visitors. We have received a whooping 88.5% as compared to last years 66.5% of new traffic to our website. We have visitors from all parts of the world like India 56.08%, United States 15.07%, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Russia. The key words generating traffic are boating industry in India, catamaran, speed boat price in India, fishing tackle india, viva goa magazine, j24, india yacht page, fishing equipment in India and cost of speed boat in india. The majority of incoming traffic is through search engines thus proving our website efficient and effective in providing info that is easily searchable and visible, content specific to boating in India with various brands, services and companies in boating in India. To read more about our online traffic report CLICK HERE.


Boating in India in 2012-13

Another boating season comes to an end with much effort to keep the industry in India afloat. While yacht charters performed well this season, boat sales have been on an all time low. With the announcement of the Mumbai International Boat Show being indefinitely postponed, the industry drags on with no real progress or direction. The Goa International Marine  & Boat Expo held in December’12 succeeded in generating a few inquiries. The demand for second hand boats is much higher compared to new boats but the over all demand for purchase of boats, whether new or pre-owned, has fallen. Small boats are in maximum demand as they are affordable and relatively easy to maintain. The water sports market has been growing steadily in India and there have been a lot of boat sales connected to the water sports industry. Hence small speed boats, open bow boats and ribs have been in demand this season with a few inquiries for sport fishers and catamarans as well.

Charter inquiries are rising with each passing day. Yacht charters are gaining popularity in Goa as well for its one of India’s top tourist & holiday destinations. New yacht charter companies have sprung up this season both in Goa and Mumbai. This goes to show that boating in India mostly attracts ‘transumers’, consumers in transit; people who are on the move, looking out for new and different experiences, who would rather ‘experience’ the rare, exclusive and extraordinary than ‘own’ it or make an asset out of it.

Water sports and sailing is going strong with many companies offering courses and promoting the sport effectively. The Yacht clubs around India and the India Navy takes keen interest in the sport and holds many events through the year. This season India witnessed a proud moment as Lt. Cdr. Abhilash Tomy became the first Indian, second Asian and 79th sailor globally to circumnavigate the world non-stop, unassisted and solo! His mission Sagar Parikrama II, an initiative by the India Navy has been a source of great motivation not only in the sport of sailing but in general as well. It celebrates the human spirit of endurance. Read more about his mission, CLICK HERE


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