Marina Specialist MARINETEK’s Pontoons Or Floating Jetties Now In India

Marinetek pontoons are now available in India. However, the term “pontoons” is not widely known in India and the alternative designation, “floating jetties”, has been adopted by the company. The Marinetek Group is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers, and installers of floating jetty systems and operates under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The Marinetek Group has 13 subsidiaries, as well as distributors in 28 countries, and production in 7 locations. Marinetek India has been established to bring these unique, high-quality products to India.

Marinetek’s core product is the concrete floating jetty and floating platform. These are extremely durable with an expected service life in the range 30 – 50 years with almost zero maintenance. They are also extremely strong and stable, and should not be compared with lesser types such as those made from aluminium or plastic. For heavy-duty commercial, fishing, and defence applications, and for applications where safety considerations are of prime importance, the concrete product is the only serious contender, and on a whole-life basis it offers by far the best value.


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Floating jetties are widely used in the yachting sector and of the majority of the 15,000 marinas worldwide use them. The concrete type provides many important advantages:

Stability A floating jetty must be stable because users will not feel safe if it moves under their feet, or if it moves significantly due to waves.
Sureness underfoot The jetty surface must provide sureness underfoot. Uses must be able to walk on the jetty in normal shoes without fear of slipping or tripping. The surface must be true and level and provide slip-resistance even when wet.
Durability The floating jetty must offer a long service life with minimal maintenance expenses.
Moorings The mooring system must hold the floating jetty securely in place against the effects of wind, waves, and current, yet must be able to respond to changes in water level.
Environmental A floating jetty has almost zero environmental impact. Compared to a fixed/solid jetty there is no construction on the seabed and so it is much easier to obtain planning consents and NOCs.
Relocation The floating jetty can be relocated within just a few days. So if operational needs change then the investment is not wasted; it can be used elsewhere.
Seaworthiness Given their strength and heavy mass, the concrete floating jetties are very seaworthy. In fact they are sometimes used as a floating breakwater.

Marinetek has completed more than 2,000 projects in 35 countries, including for some of the world’s most prestigious marinas, and for commercial users, fishing harbours, and Defence forces.

For further information contact:

Maj-Gen S Dutta VSM (retd) – Chairman, Marinetek India Services Pvt Ltd         +91 93 22 663 111


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