Choose The Right Boat Cover To Protect Your Boat

A good boat cover protects your boat by reducing moisture or sun damage coming in from the environment. The number one enemy of the interior of boats in the off season is moisture, second only to damage from sunlight. Boat covers with Ultra Violet coating can prevent the harsh rays of the sun from causing damage to your boat. If your boat is stored in a moist environment you will want to choose a fabric that is breathable like a solution dyed polyester or acrylic. They are not coated but they have treatments applied to the thread itself. A cotton fabric is the most breathable yet the least durable and not water resistant. If your boat will be subject to  rain, look for a polyester or acrylic fabric that has been coated with a moisture resistant compound. If your boat is stored under direct sunlight then look for a boat cover fabric that has been treated with UV coating.


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Boat covers need to be snug enough so that they do not flap, with the straps secure to prevent flapping, built from a material that is durable enough to take the extra stress of travel if required.  Pay close attention to the material’s tear strength. You will need to know the general shape of the boat (e.g. bay fisherman or a v-hull shaped boat), plus the dimensions of the beam and length of the boat. Sometimes the the motor hood cover needs to be purchased separately. A custom fit allows the cover to perform better over time. If you’re using tie-down straps, snaps or a roped hem to keep the cover on the boat, make sure it fits well enough to repel water. A snug-fitting cover can also keep animals out of your boat, especially nesting mammals and rodents that like the comfort of your storage compartments or the space beneath your deck. For animals that love to chew on wires, like squirrels, a cover can save valuable time and money.

Taking a cover on and off a boat can be a bit of task, especially if your chosen cover weighs a ton . Most manufacturers make lightweight covers that are easy on the back and can be folded down nicely for storage. When not using your cover, a storage bag is a great buy.  It will keep your cover neat and folded and in a secure space away from the elements. Although we put a lot of time into the selection process of a boat, choosing a boat cover is usually an afterthought, or is given no thought at all. A boat cover is an important piece of protection that will keep your boat looking fresh and brand new.

You may want to consider shrink wrapping your boat as it has many benefits. Shrink wrapping is one of the most effective ways to protect a boat that is in dry dock for the monsoons. Shrink wrapping seals out potentially harmful salt, which can cause corrosion of the body of the boat. It also seals out the damaging effects of sleet and hail which can leave scratches and holes on the body of the boat. Repairs on a boat can cost thousands. Shrink wrapping prevents that damage. Along with the body of the boat, shrink wrapping helps keep the boat motor from becoming damaged and eroded. Motors are particularly vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Shrink wrapping the boat keeps the entire boat from becoming weather worn and in need of eventual replacement. Shrink wrap is flame retardant keeping the boat safe from fire. It also prevents mold and mildew from forming on the boat. Mold and mildew is difficult to remove. It also easily spreads. Shrink wrap seals the boat tight to keep the boat in the best shape possible during winter storage. The best feeling in the world for boat owners is to uncover the boat at the end of a long winter to find the boat in the same condition as when it was first stored. Shrink wrap makes that possible as shrink wrapping is an air tight procedure that covers the entire boat, no matter how large or how small.

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